For writers: Stop worrying about that format button and well – Just write

For writers: Stop worrying about that format button and well – Just write

Do you ever start to type something, but well you know the site you’re typing on doesn’t have proper saving features (*cough cough Seekyt*)

Or maybe you move around a lot and you can’t simply use MS word.

Well, I sure have that problem, I have a standard laptop which I use for general purpose, and a chromebook for writing (works great for that purpose if your not convinced, I wrote an article to see if the chromebook is right for you). And I only have so much time to write, I can’t finish an article in the 5 to ten minutes of spare time I find.

I could use google docs, but I find all the features too annoying, I’d rather type somewhere simplistic.

That’s when I found draftin, which has no features whatsoever so you can just type – I know, it may sound counter inutive but trust me, it works. You’ll only have to use your alphanumeric keys and maybe your enter key too – no need to worry about formatting. Yes, you can italisize and bold, but you can’t insert pictures, which I find helpful in a way, because when I get prompted with the decision too fast, I usually pick bad pictures…

Best part – it’s ad free and all that good stuff (I wouldn’t advertise it if it was heavily for profit) but instead they run on donations like a suite of other good sites we use.

Still not convinced? Well – try writing on both draft and let’s say Google Docs or MS word, and see which one you finish faster on. if you’re anything like me then you’ll prefer draft over the other two, for one reason and for one reason only – that is well – again, not distractions whatsoever. I cannot stress this enough, less distractions = more quality content in a higher quantity. Heck even Seekyt’s good ol’ owner who goes by the name ‘admin’ agrees in the forum rules.

So, use draft if you want to, well

–Just write.