Foreclosure of Property Subject to Land Contract Sale

Although recently the interest rates on mortgages have shown signs of decline foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale are being experienced. Some would-be buyers of commercial properties, office buildings and industrial as well as domestic properties may get some difficulty in raising the needed equity to acquire a favorable interest rate from lenders.

If you are searching for foreclosure of property subject to land sale contract information on internet or through other means, this information is so much such that you may need an expert on this subject to interpret that information and direct you to the right websites. This site will give summary or key points.


Foreclosure refers to the shutting out or barring a mortgagor’s right of saving a mortgaged property. It can simply be understood ad the termination or removal of all rights that the homeowner enjoys through a mortgage agreement. It is a process that makes the property fall under the full ownership of the lending party. If one is not able to pay on their mortgage amounts as the contract stipulated, the lending institution has the right to re-possess the property. The process is initiated by the homeowner of a mortgaged property failing to honor their payment duties on the mortgage.

They are not able to pay the amounts agreed upon on or before the dates also agreed on. This may be due to several reasons. One may have other pressing financial obligations that may force them to abandon the repayment of mortgage funds. Such reasons may include unemployment, divorce settlements, medical payments of self or loved ones, loan repayment and death in the family. The lending establishment reclaims the property and can then sell it to other interested parties at a much less rage. After the mortgagee shows signs of being unable to pay up the mortgage, the lender may send a letter formally demanding for payment. This is called a letter of notice or a Notice of Default – NOD.

Land Contract Sale

The difference between a mortgage and a land contract is that land contracts are basically security contracts between a seller and a buyer. The seller carries the funding for the buyer and this may or many not include a backing loan. The seller does not get a clear title or a deed to the property until such a time when the land contract has been paid off in full. Foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale is increasingly and regrettably becoming more especially in certain states where economy is dragging its feet.

Foreclosure of such property that is subject to land contract sale is of primary importance to both parties – the lender and the borrower. The said property owner in the first place is some period of time to try and save the rights of owning it before other lenders begin to look for other new buyers. The period varies depending on the different states that the property lays in. After the period is over, mortgagee gets a formal notice regarding the foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale. After which the property is free to be sold to another buyer.