Four 21st Century Careers for the Mechanically Inclined

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Often, when we think of “mechanical” jobs or careers, we think of auto mechanics, janitors, handymen—old-fashioned careers for those guys who like to tinker, take things apart, and find out how they work (and don’t work after being dissected in the name of science or education).
Those careers are still honorable options, but here we’re going to look at some other careers for the 21st century’s tinkerers and thinkers. According to some experts, we need more people working with their hands (pursuing careers like the ones we’re going to discuss) than we currently have available. You might be surprised just how in-demand some of these jobs are right now. Let’s take a look!
• Medical equipment service – As health care becomes available to more and more people and as we collectively move toward a greener, more resourceful existence, we need more medical equipment technicians. Great for those who love mechanics and technology, these technicians are called on for medical equipment service for different reasons. Fixing broken equipment, performing routine maintenance, and even refurbishing used medical equipment to help healthcare providers save money and put one less hunk of metal and plastic in the landfill are some jobs suited for a medical equipment technician.
• Energy equipment service – As the expansion of America and Canada’s oil shale production continues, there will be a large need for oil field equipment service techs. As we see the need to produce our own energy grow, the drilling for oil and natural gas, along with greener methods like the installation of wind turbines and solar panels, is expected to grow. All of this means opportunities for folks skilled in heavy equipment, diesel engine, and “green tech” service and repair. All of these jobs also have something to offer the guy or gal who hates the thought of being cooped up in an office or shop all day long.
• “Small” equipment repair and service – From forklifts to small engines, auto lifts to elevators, there is a shortage of mechanics and service personnel to keep our “small” equipment up and running. Many former servicemen and woman, skilled in military equipment service and repair, are finding these positions available all across the country. However, there are simply more jobs than there are applicants, at least at this time.
• Transportation service and repair – Whether it’s a plane, train, truck, or automobile, it needs someone to keep it running. And those repair personnel and service techs are in short supply. The major railroads and many airports are currently hiring, but again there are more positions in many cases than there are qualified applicants. Local garages and service centers are having a hard time filling many positions. Good opportunities exist for those with some training and/or experience.
All of these careers require training; however, most of that training can be completed in one to two years. That’s not a lot of time to prepare for a rewarding, well-paying, in-demand career. Just remember, please, how to put everything back together once you’ve taken it apart.

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Four 21st Century Careers for the Mechanically Inclined, Seekyt
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