Four Most Popular Ways to Destroy Your iPhone

There are a lot of people out there with iPhones. In fact, it is safe to assume that there are well over half a BILLION iPhones that have at one point been bought. Of course there aren’t nearly that many on the market still because as people love to buy a new phone, they seem to love to break it even more. This expensive piece of technology can go from novelty to paperweight in just a matter of seconds. Now keep in mind that it is possible to fix your iPhone; entire businesses have been built around doing just that. Here is how you can help keep your local iPhone repair shop in business.

Drown Your iPhone

There are many things in life that love water. Turtles love water. Fish never leave the stuff. Many dogs will readily jump in the water, especially on a warm summer day. Humans need water to survive, so we have it abundantly in our houses. Unfortunately, there is very little technology that can survive underwater. An iPhone is one piece that does not care to be submerged.

Yet people submerge their phone every single day. It slips into a sink full of soapy water. It plunks into the toilet while you try to text and pee. It gets left in the rain, sprayed with the hose, and even dropped into boiling water that is meant for noodles.

Often, when submerged, the iPhone dies forever.

Drop Your iPhone

The human ear is between 5 and 6 feet off the ground. That is where much of the iPhone’s life is spent. When not at ear level, the phone is usually between 4 and 5 feet off the ground as we busily text, update facebook, or take selfies while deftly avoiding walking into light poles and other permanent fixtures that otherwise would pose no threat to our well being.

Sometimes we walk into light poles. The iPhone slips from our sweaty fingers and floats gently to the ground. By floats, I mean drops. By gently, I mean with the most deafening crash. We pick it up hoping for the best but knowing that when you wrecked your mom’s car at age 16 it didn’t even sound this bad.

Fortunately, most drops only damage the screen, which is easily replaced.

Bury Your iPhone

While I’m sure there is someone who has accidentally buried his or her phone underneath the dirt, I mean more of bury it underneath other stuff. We, as humans, have accumulated a lot of stuff. And that stuff gets set on top of other stuff, and when heavy stuff goes on top of light or fragile stuff, the lighter and more fragile stuff ends up succumbing to the weight of the heavy stuff. Our stuff doesn’t even like our other stuff.

iPhones are durable. But they can be crushed.

Lose Your iPhone

While losing your phone isn’t technically destroying it, the loss of your lifeblood could feel like your life has been destroyed. After all, you had just reached level 137 on Candy Crush, and it’s going to take you the next 7 months to get back there!

Our phones aren’t even as big as a note card… ok some people insist on enormous phones, but the majority of us use phones that aren’t even as big as a note card. They can be misplaced, slip between cracks, fall off the car, get thrown out with the trash, or accidentally donated to Goodwill when you are cleaning the 87 pairs of shoes from your closet.

Many times when your phone breaks you can get it fixed. For the times when you cannot, you might have to go back to that flip phone from circa 2001 until you can save up the hundreds of dollars to buy a new one. Then you will probably want to save up another $50 to $100 to buy a sweet case that will protect it from the next time you try to destroy your phone.