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Four Reasons to Use an Automated Pharmacy System

There are significant benefits available to those who use an automated pharmacy system. In today’s fast-paced society, new technologies that speed up the dispensation of medications while also improving the accuracy of giving out the pharmaceuticals have been widely accepted. Unfortunately, much of this technology has only been available to pharmacies or hospitals that keep a large enough volume to justify the expense. As these automated processes improve, they also become more affordable, bringing them into pharmacies of many sizes and shapes. Click here for information about this and related technology.

Versatile and Adaptable

The packages used to hold multiple doses of medication come in many different forms. With the increasingly efficient technology of the automated pharmacy system, blister and punch cards, bottles, vial, and compliance packaging are compatible with the machines. Nearly every type of packaging can be handled by the convenient and efficient dispensers. This versatility is especially important as the packages of medication seem to evolve and change almost as often as the medications themselves. Technicians could spend their valuable time learning to fill continually changing packages, but with new technology, this time can be better spent on other important tasks around the pharmacy.

More Than Pill Dispensers

However, these automated systems handle more than just the dispensing of pills and other medications. This technology can be used to count any small medications, measure and mix the ingredients that go into syrups and other liquids, keeping customer records updated, storing medical histories, and inventory management. The technology can also be used as a database for drug interactions and risk detection to ensure that customers receive treatment regimens that are compatible with any other medications or treatments already in place.

Improved Productivity

Qualified pharmacy technicians can be difficult to find and are often fairly expensive to keep. With an automated system in place, technicians can put their knowledge and skills to better use than counting and sorting pills or mixing up medications. They can turn their talents to areas that require active thought processes and human interaction. Some of the automated technology can actually increase the productivity of technicians two or three times by reducing time spent on monotonous tasks and reducing the amount of effort that goes into those chores. Instead, technicians can put their efforts into responsibilities such as double-checking the accuracy of filled prescriptions.

Accuracy Matters

One final reason to purchase and use an automated pharmacy system is also one of the most important: the accuracy of those prescriptions. As you consider the number of doctors, pharmacists, patients and medications that are involved in generating the daily prescriptions filled by pharmacies, it is easy to see that the possibility of mistakes can be quite high. However, there is no margin for error in this industry. One wrong medication can affect the patient’s entire life and will often result in difficult situations for the various parties involved. By switching to an automated system, pharmacies are able to reduce the number of mistakes made through the use of bar code technology. This allows the pharmacist to identify the recipient of the medication and verify the accuracy of the prescription – and save lives in the process. Click Here for more info.

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