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Four Things You May Not Know About Dieting


Have you ever felt like all the diets out there are designed to kill your happiness? Have you try getting on a diet so many times, only to see yourself quitting after a week with no result? The truth is, while diet plans are designed to help people, many go about it the wrong way and end up hurting their progress. So let’s take a look at some quick facts about dieting that may or may not hinder your effort:

You can eat even when you don’t feel hungry

There is no need to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, if you lose weight by starving your body, there is more chance that the result will only short-term. Think about it, feeling hungry means your body is asking for more nutrition so that it can function properly. Starving yourself is not natural to your body, and the result and effort will not last. Instead, try to eat smaller portions and more frequently. Instead of not eating at all, you can say no to only ‘bad’ food, while nurturing your body with nutritious meals that are low in fat and carb.

Even that tiny slice of cheese cake can still do some harm

While most food are ok to eat if you keep it in moderation, certain things are definitely off the list. There are certain dishes that contain a high percentage of fat, sugar or salt. Because of the high fat or sugar content, such dishes can create craves, even when you have just a few little bites. Once you are done with your moderate portion of that cheesecake, you may start craving another slice, or perhaps you may crave a salty snack instead. Therefore, if you don’t trust yourself to be disciplined, better keep certain things out of question for a while.

Healthy food can be less expensive

The growth of organic grocery stores like WholeFoods makes many people think that eating healthy is expensive, and that they cannot afford to do so. However, think of healthy food as ‘efficient’ food that fill you up more and give you more nutrition and energy for the same amount of food. Because of the extra energy and nutrition, you may also find yourself reaching for empty calories and junk food less often.

Plus, eating healthy often means you need to cook at home to control what goes into your food. While your grocery bills may take an increase, you can end up actually saving a lot of money from eating out at restaurants.

It’s not just about what you eat

Eating healthy and consciously cutting out highly processed food is an important step to lose weight. However, you can reach your goal weight much faster if your diet is coupled with a right exercise plan.

Just keep in mind that, many people tend to overestimate the amount of exercise that they do, and underestimate the amount of food that they ‘reward’ themselves after a workout. So even after sweating through your yoga pants, be sure to keep your post-workout snack in moderation!


Losing weight doesn’t have to be a painful process. Or maybe it is still, but the end result will be worth it! The most important thing is that you take the right approach and know the facts from hundreds of myths out there about dieting. When in doubt, consult a professional or use common sense. If your diet plan makes you feel unnatural, starved, or depress, maybe it’s time to change up your routine and go about it differently. Last but not least, be strong and stick to your goal!

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