Four Tricks to Gain a Competitive Edge While Buying a House!

If you are planning to begin a house hunt or if you have started your house hunting, you are more likely aware of different challenges and barriers that resist you to capture the territory. One of the major factors driving this aggressive competitive market lacks for-sale inventory, more precisely in the lower end.

If you are craving to have an upper hand, here are a few ways to have a leg over.

Find properties before everyone else does:

Time is money; this is not just the phrase to motivate students but a lesson for all age groups on all grounds. To win over the competitive real estate market with a short for-sale inventory, you must be very quick in finding properties that stand above for one or the other reason. Time is key and you must dig out properties that are ready for sale but not yet set out on the market. A few online real estate portals are offering distinctive properties for sale that are not yet out on the run. For-sale inventory has short life of less than 30 days and often seen with bidding wars. If you’re a potential buyer and is looking for villas for sale in Tuscany, you must look for properties that are yet not on the market table. This way you could avail best properties at best rates.

All-cash offer:

Buyers are now making all cash offer and it is happening nationwide, especially at the lower end of the property markets like Siena, Tuscany etc. Currently, more than 80 percent of all sales during the first quarter were all cash offer, says Zillow. If you have, money and you don’t have to look for pre-approvals, why to hold on, make a deal and move in. A seller knowing that you have all cash offer to buy his house, he would never drop you in place of mortgage buyers. Sellers are always in a rush to close their deals, all cash buyer is blessing in need!


If you are a potential buyer, it’ll be better for you to be well qualified and you’ll only be taken seriously if you know what way to go. Realtors now go for smart options, instead of educating from scratch, they tend to respond to less typical clients, seeing that you are already aware of the property trends and markets. Doing thorough research would benefit you in the long run.

Write a personal letter:

If you are perhaps interested in buying a villa for sale in Italy, Tuscany, you once spent your childhood in, does it stimulate fond memories, are you ready to move in again, is it still perfect for your existing family? Are you planning to grab and renovate it? Let the seller know that why and how much you are interested in buying this house. A personal hand written or an email too would put impact in presenting your true love for the place. You can talk about your in-depth love and attachment to the house and its surrounding. This may scale up some favors for you.

The above-mentioned four things are often overlooked by extremely busy and well to do realtors and customers. Trying causing you no harm, why not try the above four this time. I’m sure you’ll be glad with its turn up.