Free Baby Name Websites

Typing ‘Baby Names’ into a Google search to find free baby name websites creates about 52,900,000 results. Far too many websites to ever explore.

This quick and easy guide gives you some of the most useful and free baby name websites – to save you from spending hours online

This website has lots of idea lists, celebrity baby names, name meanings and even pet name ideas. The site is easy to navigate and use.

A parenting website that has an area dedicated just to baby names. It has inspirational lists, name searches, daily top 10 lists but also articles with great information about naming your newborn.

A small baby name website – but an interesting one because of its lists of the 2,000 most popular names (1,000 for boys and 1,000 for girls)

A very easy to use site to search for name meanings. The site also has a ‘baby names advisor’ which picks a baby name based on an analysis of the parents’ first names. There is an advanced search which allows you to find names beyond just the baby’s sex or first letter. You will also find popular names and naming tips on this site.

You’ll find a great collection of name idea lists at babyhold. You can also search for the meaning of a name and join a forum to talk about baby names with other expecting mums.

Another small website. The interest here is the baby names lists – which even includes names from Arthurian Legend.

Twilight Baby Names and their Meanings

An essential article for Twilight fans. This not only gives a list of possible baby names from the Twilight series but also the facts about the Twilight character and the meaning of the name.

Baby Names from Harry Potter

An interesting article containing a collection of classic and traditional names from the Harry Potter series and their meanings.