Free Beauty Samples by Mail No Surveys

If you love a freebie then you’ll be glad to know that there are so many free beauty samples available by mail where you don’t have to fill in long complicated surveys.

Many cosmetics companies have finally realized that the best way to get customers is to give them free samples, if the customer likes the product then there is a good chance that they will switch products.

All the major cosmetics companies offer free items through their retail distributor or direct through their website, some of the biggest companies include Max Factor, Rimmell, Maybelline and Cover Girl who all offer samples to the public.

You can get all sorts of cosmetics like foundations, lipstick, fine fragrance, eye shadow, mascara, anti aging cream and even face washes.

Free Samples by Mail Free Shipping from

You can find plenty of free beauty samples at which is an online department store that offers a wide variety of items from household goods to beauty products.

This online department store has an entire page devoted to free beauty samples at, all you have to do is register and request samples which are then delivered to your door via free shipping.

You can also request coupon savings which will entitle you money off leading brand products; at the time of writing this article the sample which could be requested includes Seventh Generation Natural Personal Care creams and deodorant.

The free samples available from this online department store is easy and free to request, it’s a great way to try out new products that you want to try before you buy.

Free Makeup Sample Products by Mail Without Surveys from

Free Samples by Mail 2013 No Surveys from offer two different ways to get free samples by mail without filling in any complicated surveys or questionnaires. You can either go to the website and click on Request Free Samples, once you’ve registered you’re given three samples that you can choose that will be shipped to you for free.

Unfortunately it’s only three samples per person however if you can get your friends and family members involved then there is potential for much more.

The second way to get free beauty samples from is to become a beauty insider, this means that you buy and review products in exchange for points that you can redeem when you shop for more products. The points reward system is very generous and you could get a free item for every three to four items you buy.


Free Stuff in the Mail without Surveys from is targeted at younger women and teenagers, their range of beauty products include glamorous glittery items which really turn heads, these beauty items are usually reserved for celebrities, dancers, actresses and cheerleaders. You can request some samples by registering with the site and answering a few questions and then liking their Facebook page. All the items that you do request are mailed and there is no shipping charge.

There are a certain number of free beauty samples that you can request at a time however if you can get your friends and family involved then you can request enough cosmetic and beauty products that will last you a long time.

Free Makeup Samples by Mail without Surveys

How Can I take Advantage of Free Sample Beauty Products?

If you really want to take advantage of these free beauty samples then you need to register with all the beauty retailers, department stores and cosmetic/fragrance companies who offer these items from time to time., and are only a few of the retailers who offer free items, there are literally hundreds of sites giving free stuff away.

If you enjoy browsing the internet looking for freebies then this is a great way to save money by requesting free samples, if you’re really organized then you could request enough free beauty items so that you never have to buy another item again, you could take this one step further and start selling these items online on sites like, conversely if you don’t have the time you could buy cheap samples from eBay so you can try them before you buy them.

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