News Free Car Seats for Low Income Families: Are They...

Free Car Seats for Low Income Families: Are They Useful?


Free Car Seats for Low Income Families: Are They Useful?

You want to know if free car seats for low income families are useful? Is that a roundabout way of asking if low income families can afford a car? Or the care, maintenance, and gasoline necessary to own a car, no matter how old or decrepit the car may be? Or possibly if low income families even deserve to own a vehicle no matter how old or what shape it’s in? Of course it’s useful for low income families to get free car seats for their children and babies, even if they don’t own a car! People do get rides, you know. And a low income family with two kids who are six years old and four months old need car seats for those kids if they go anywhere in a car. If they get a ride from a neighbor to the low income pediatrician, those kids need car seats to ride in the vehicle – by law. There’s not one state in our nation that allows kids under a certain age to ride in a vehicle without being securely strapped in to a car seat. Is the kind neighbor giving the kid with double pneumonia a ride to the doctor supposed to supply a car seat every time he or she does a good deed like this? Think about it.

So yes, free car seats for low income families are useful, even if the low income families do not own or cannot afford to rent cars. They still get rides from other people or family members for themselves and their children. And by law the kids have to be in car seats. And there’s always the possibility that a low income family does own a car. Probably not a brand new car – more than likely a junker. But kids need to be in a car seat, especially in an old junker. More people are likely to hit an old junker than a brand new car. If you are careening towards a brand new car on a slippery icy road, don’t you try to avoid damaging it? Of course, because you know your insurance will go through the roof if it has to cover repairs for a brand new Mazda or Lincoln. But a twenty year old Chevette? Your insurance will probably drop if you hit one of those because then the insurance company can easily say – look, the car is twenty years old. It already HAD a damaged bumper. My point here being that a driver, knowing this, who is driving on an icy road and skidding, won’t make much of an effort not to hit your twenty year old already damaged vehicle. And if your baby is in that car, you will want the baby to be in a safe, secure, car seat. So let’s give free car seats to low income families because I think by now we can see that they are, indeed, not only useful but mandatory for any kid riding in a car. Even an old Chevrolet Chevette.

Free Car Seats for Low Income Families: Are They Useful?
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