Free Cars For Needy Families

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Does it make sense to offer free cars for needy families?

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I have always wondered if it makes sense to offer free cars for needy families. More often than not, when you offer people free things they do not value them as much as they would, if they had worked hard for them. However, in the recent past, my viewpoint has changed given that there are quite a number of needy families who genuinely require a car donation but for reasons beyond their control are unable to own one.

A needy family is one that is not able to meet their basic needs and being in that category does not necessarily mean that they do not require a car. Several factors may cause one to join this group. Some are just born in a needy family, others may have been forced into being needy, due to circumstances beyond their control such as illness, accidents, natural disaster or any other genuine cause that one may think of.

Free cars are those that have been donated by others and these may be a charitable organization, or even a kind individual or families who want to support the needy in this way. There are also some very rich individuals who realize after some time that they actually do not need ten vehicles that only beautify their compounds like their well manicured grass but never move. Such people after some time may gladly donate a vehicle out to the needy.

A car is no longer a luxury, as it once was, but a necessity of life just like the basics we all know about, which are food, shelter and clothing. Taking a child to hospital, rushing to pick up children from school, going to work, or to an evening class or to attend an interview, are just but a few tasks which can be such a headache if one does not have a car.

It surely makes sense to offer free cars because not all needy families are irresponsible, and there are so many people with more than one car who are willing to donate the extra. People are needy as a result of various issues and some are not out of choice. Having a car would make such a great difference in the lives of such families who are in the situation because of circumstances beyond their control.

These donations may not be abused because there are several reputable agencies which are in place to receive the cars nowadays and who vet those who apply for car donations, to ensure that only genuine cases benefit.

On the other hand, there is no harm giving to charity if your heart tells you so, even if you do not know the person who will benefit from it. The good you do today will always come back tomorrow in a different way, and it does make sense to offer free cars for needy families in the world.

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