Free Christmas Gifts for Low Income Families 2012

Free Christmas Gifts for Low Income Families 2012: Get One Now

Are you searching about free Christmas gifts for low income families 2012? If you are, this article will help you find organizations whose aim is to provide joy and happiness to underprivileged individuals during the Christmas season. Basically, most organizations are focused in giving gifts to children. But, there are also some who are family-oriented organizations. To hasten your search, here is a list of institutions where you can avail free gifts this season of giving.

Food banks

If your yearning for food baskets so you and your family can have a sumptuous meal this Christmas, your local food banks can give you a hand. Qualified low income families are given food stamps by the government. These food stamps can be exchanged at these types of institutions. Although most of the food supply given are basic necessities, you can still use these supplies to prepare a hot home-cook meal for your family.

United Way

United Way is an organization known to provide free Christmas gifts for low income families 2012. However, before acquiring one, you must apply for it. You can apply by providing them with the necessary requirements such as valid Ids, Social Security cards and birth certificates of all the members of your household. You also need to provide your billing address and proof of income for the whole household. When it comes to income, depending on your state, varying amounts are required to qualify. As a general rule, low income families belong under the 30% to 50% below the average income of the state.

Christmas SPIRIT Foundation

Established last 2005, the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation is one of the foundations that helps low-income families during Christmas. But, since they just started, only limited donations are at hand. Thus, you cannot expect much at the moment. For more information, you can check their website

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is another organization you can reach out this Christmas season. Basically, they help low-income families all year round. You can even seek financial assistance in paying utility bills and other bills at this organization. You can visit Salvation Army branches in your area or check their official website for more information.

Religious communities

Religious communities are another option you can take. As of today, any Jewish or Catholic churches in your area can help all individuals regardless of their religion. Protestants, Anglicans and other Christian communities may provide free gifts but only to their members. Nonetheless, Christmas is a spiritual celebration thereby religious communities would be the perfect place to start if you’re seeking for free gifts.


If you are searching for free gifts for your children, Christmas is the time where gift giving programs and projects are held. Organizations such as Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, Operation Christmas Child and My Two Front Teeth are some of the widely known organization that provides free gifts for children. Other organizations such as Red Cross, Interaction and The National Holiday Project are other institutions you can reach out regarding free Christmas gifts for low income families 2012.