Free College Tuition

Who wouldn’t want to go to college for free? Well right now anyone that would like to receive $106,000 worth of college tuition for free can. Free college classes will attract a lot of students in our current economy that have parents wondering how to pay the mortgage and certainly cannot pay for their kid’s higher education. Free college tuition is not a dream and this is not a joke or scam. Free college tuition for the next four years is being offered by a college.

It may sound crazy, but Antioch College in Ohio is willing to pay for the next four years of your college education. The tuition at this private Liberal Arts College is $26,500 per year and they are waiving it for the next four years for any student that enrolls.

Free college tuition from any college is hard to believe. However, this institution that was originally established in 1850 had to shut their doors in 2008 because of bad management decisions. After reopening their doors they discovered that they need to attract new students to their hallways. The school only received 35 students in their freshmen class last fall and they want to increase those numbers to at least 300 by 2015. In order to attract students that they feel are of their schools caliber they are offering free college classes with free college tuition for hardworking and engaged students that would like to further their education at Antioch College.

In an effort to find free money for college students will look everywhere. Searching for free college grants and free college scholarships is a daunting task and the competition is brutal. Antioch College is offering students the opportunity to invest in the rest of their lives with a resource for free college tuition. Who could say no?
Free college money is hard to turn down and free money for college students is virtually unheard of. If you feel that Antioch College would be a good fit for you enroll before their February 15th deadline.

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