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Free Computers for Low Income Children – Charities that Give


Free computers for low income children can be found in a number of different places, including local, state and national charities, along with other sources. If your family meets financial guidelines, you can receive a laptop, desktop PC, or even a tablet or netbook with word processing, so the young student in your home can get his or her homework done and learn technological skills needed as they get older and look for employment. In this article, I’ll go over some of the places you can go to look for help with free personal computers, so even low income children can own one.

Online Nonprofit Organizations

It’s generally best to look for charities that give free computers to low income children and families when your kid needs one for school. While you will not get a brand new, state of the art laptop, you will get a fully functional, often refurbished or reconditioned laptop free of charge, so students in poor households can do their homework.

Some of the places to check out are FreeCycle, the World Computer Exchange, and the Computer Recycling Center (CRC). All of these nonprofit charities give out free laptops and PC’s to people that meet income guidelines and restrictions.

Government Programs

Those that qualify for government aid can often qualify for one of the many programs that offer laptops at no charge to poor families. There are various programs out there, which vary by location. A simple stop to the county courthouse will help you get started in finding help.

School Programs

Many schools have programs in which poor households can qualify for the free use of a computer during the school year. These programs are around because the schools have many projects and assignments that must be completed using a personal computer. If you cannot afford to buy one, ask your school what programs they have available for low income parents of students. In some cases, they can be rented very cheap.

Local Groups

If you are looking at nonprofit charities that give free computers to very low income families and household, why not check out the civic groups in your area? There are most likely several of them in your location that might be willing and able to help you out. A simple look at the Yellow Pages and you’ll probably find several various groups willing to help out.

Dirt Cheap Options

Don’t qualify for a free computer or other stuff? Why not try purchasing a cheap refurbished laptop or desktop. In addition, a scratch and dent tablet with word processing abilities might be sufficient for students. If not, you could also place an ad online for a used PC and state your top dollar you are willing to pay.

There are some charities and groups that offer free computers to low income children that could help out your son and daughter.

Free Computers for Low Income Children – Charities that Give
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