Free Computers for Low Income Seniors

free computers for low income seniors

Did you know that there are free computers for low-income seniors, students and disabled individual that you can avail? Since computers and laptops are now a necessity and not a luxury, some institutions both government and non-government have initiated a program or grant that entitles various individuals to acquire free laptops. Depending on your category, you can seek help at different agencies. From this article, you learn about how to acquire free laptops if you’re an elderly or senior citizen. There are also some agencies that would offer laptops for a minimal amount that you can avail.

Institutions and programs that provide free laptops free computers for low-income seniors

For senior citizens, there are various institutions that can help you acquire free laptops. There are also institutions that allow you to use their computers for free. Either way, here are the lists of institutions that can help you.

  • Computer Recycling Center (CRC) – The CRC is a non-profit organization that gives away free laptops for senior citizens including desktop computers. Most of these computers are donated. Thus, you cannot expect brand new and cutting edge laptops and computers. Nonetheless, these gadgets are usable and highly functional.
  • Freecycle Network – Another non-profit organization that can give you free laptop or computer is the Freecycle Network. As of today, they are the leading organization that promotes waste reduction. They collect disposed electronic materials and fix it to be reused.
  • Libraries and Community Centers – Another institution you can go to is your local community centers. The government offers free laptop programs to the elders especially those who have dependent students in their household. They will also allow you to use computers in their area and access the internet for free. The same goes with public libraries. However, you cannot download anything while using their computers.

To find more information regarding free laptops given to senior citizens, you can inquire at the Department of Aging available at every state of the US.

Laptops sold for minimal amounts

If you cant avail free laptops at the moment, you can also purchase one not higher than $100. In the US, several liquidation centers can be found. These centers acquire used computers and laptops from government agencies, commercial institutions, and schools. Aside from that, unsold goods are also sent to them. For further information, you can inquire at any department of administration. You can also check prison industry centers for information since these liquidation centers work hand in hand with inmates.

Online distributors are another option you can try. If you search the internet, various advertisements regarding discounted laptops for senior citizens are posted. Most of these distributors are legit. However, as of today, there are numerous schemes in regards to senior citizen freebies and discounted items. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you can verify first their legitimacy before presenting your important information such as bank accounts.


Computers are highly beneficial especially in today’s technological era wherein most transactions can be done online. If you are on a tight budget and above the age of 55, there numerous free stuff you can avail including computers and laptops. Just contact government agencies or social workers for more information about free laptops for senior citizens.