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Free Computers for Low Income Students – How to Find Them

Free laptop computers for low income students is one of the available benefits for low income individuals created to give disadvantaged students the tools they need to get a proper education so that they can succeed in later life. A few different organizations and government bodies are providing these benefits to low income people and knowing where to look and apply is the main difficulty you will face

Grants for Laptop for Low Income Students

In this article we will look at some of the options available to you to get a free laptop, or how you can get the money to get a computer as a low income student. So if your looking for free computers with broadband and want to know how the government can help working with low income families then read on.

Low-Cost Computers for Students

If you’re looking for cheap laptops for students or free notebooks and don’t pass the eligibility criteria for finding cheap computers for students then there are a lot of places like eBay and Amazon which offer affordable laptops for students, sometimes on an eBay auction giveaway you could pick up a quality laptop, Desktop PC for cheap with Antivirus included.


The Computer Recycling Center Provides Free Computers for College Students

Get a Laptop for College through CRC

The CRC is a charitable group that takes old and broken down computers to recycle. They take a damaged or older computer and take the parts to create a new and better machine. They then provide these new machines to needy families and individuals for work or school. The CRC is run by volunteers and the service is 100% free to people who qualify as needy.

Grants For Low-Income Students

Simply being on government benefits or qualifying as low income is enough to apply. If you meet these requirements you can apply through the CRC’s official website. [http://crc.org] You should be able to use the computers at your library or local government office to apply, or you could use the one you are on right now!

Freecycle: Free Computers for Low-Income Students

Freecycle is a community-run group of people who trade or offer things for free. The way it works is that you make an account and offer anything you no longer need ‘free to a good home’. Then you join the mailing list and you can read through everyone else’s offers. If you see something you need, like a free computer, then you can contact the owner to go pick it up.

Laptops for low-Income College Students Through the Community

This type of organization is run by the community, for the community, so try not to only take from it. If you have anything you don’t need, like exercise equipment, old clothing etc. make sure to offer it for free to another needy person.

You never know, the person who you get a free laptop off might need something you have and you can return the favor. To find out if there is a local freecycle exchange in your area simply go to their website [http://freecycle.org] and look for your local area.

If you can find an exchange group near you then you can simply create your account. If you cannot find a group for your area consider creating one by offering a few free things. If you can attract a few people then they will do the same thing and then the group will grow.

Free Computer Programs for Students: World Computer Exchange

The World Computer Exchange, or WCE, is another group that gives away mass quantities of free new and refurbished computers to families and individuals who meet the criteria for aid. The WCE is also available to people outside of the US, making it a great resource for people living in other countries or studying abroad.

Free Laptops for Students in School

The WCE functions from the support of generous individuals and companies who donate computers or financial aid to help those that are in need. To apply for the WCE’s free laptop computer program simply go to their website and search for programs and eligibility requirements in your area.

Government Laptop Grant for Students

In September of 2011 the US federal government announced that it would be giving away $300 million worth of computers and software to students from low-income families. These student laptop grants would provide computers to the needy through their government benefits office.

If you are in receipt of benefits then you may already qualify for one of these laptop grants for students, so simply ask at your local benefits office for details on how you can apply. In some cases, instead of supplying you with a computer directly these grants will provide you with the funding grants for laptops for students so you can buy one for yourself, or they will reimburse the costs of your purchase afterward.

New grants like this come along every couple of years so if you have missed out on the previous computers for students grant then check to see if there is another one coming up in the near future. If not, then you should consider pursuing one of the aforementioned methods of obtaining free laptop computers for low-income students.

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