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Free Computers for People on Welfare Benefits Guide – Laptops for Low Income Families

Free computers for people on welfare benefits might seem too good to be true but it is actually possible and it’s not a scam. If you’re on low-income then you might be eligible for a free laptop with home broadband. These computers are generously given by either the US government or by charities to people who cannot normally afford to buy them. Owning a computer is becoming almost a necessity in modern society. The majority of communication is beginning to be done online and if you cannot easily and quickly access the internet then you are going to have a lot more trouble studying, applying for jobs and learning new things.

This is why the government and charities are taking it upon themselves to make sure that everyone who needs a computer can obtain one along with internet service for low income. They may not be the best brands but these free computers will get you online and they will help you to become competitive in the marketplace again. In this guide we will take a look at everything you need to know to get yourself or your family a free computer.

Computer Provision Benefits on Low Income

How to Get a Free Computer from the Government

One of the first ways that you can get a computer if you are on benefits for families on low income is to go to the US government low income benefits program. One of these low income benefits is the provision of cheap or free computers as benefits for low income people. The first step to taking advantage of this low income benefits program is to call, email, or go into your local benefits office. Free laptops from the government for low income families has become a very popular scheme and has helped many families get a free computer.

If you are not already on benefits for low income people then you will have to apply and be accepted before you can apply for a computer. If you are indeed already on benefits for low income then you can go ahead and ask about the low income computers program. To be accepted by the program you will need to meet a few criteria, which, if you are already on benefits on low income, you should have no problems meeting. You can also look into other benefits like free phones for people on welfare.

Computer Provisions Benefits on Low Income

Getting a Computer from a Charity

If you cannot source a free desktop PC or laptop computer from the US government then your next best option is through a charitable organization. There are many charities that give away free computers to people that need them, you can get free computers for senior citizens, low-income students. Two good examples are the Computer Recycling Center (CRC) and the World Computer Exchange (WCE). The CRC operates within the US and refurbishes computers to donate to people on benefits on low income. The WCE operates internationally and takes donations from large companies and schools to clean up and give away to needy schools and individuals.

Either of these organizations will be able to help you obtain a free computer if you meet their minimum requirements. The minimum requirements between each charities varies since one operates within the US and one outside of the US, however meeting low income standards in the US will make you eligible for assistance from both charities. If you are low income but not quite eligible for benefits in the US, however, you still may be eligible for a free computer from the WCE since their requirements are a bit more relaxed.

Another Option? Freecycle and Community Trading – Free Home Computers

If you still cannot get a free computer then your final option is to try to join a community trade group like Freecycle. In these groups you can offer things you do not need for free to anyone that does need them. In return you can browse the other things that other people are offering. There is no trading, it is completely reliant on mutual benefit and charity.

Free Laptops for Schools

If you are looking for free laptops for schools then you can also apply through the US government free laptops for schools programs. This initiative from the US government department of education is set to provide over $300 million worth of computers to low income area schools from 2011 onwards. If you are responsible for getting your school computers then the best way to find out more is to contact the department of education directly. Let them know the region your school is in and it’s needs and they will be able to tell you if they have computers that can be delivered to your school. Free computers for people on welfare benefits can help the community but free computers for schools has even greater potential. Also check out cheap refurbished computers and laptops

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