Free Credit Catalogs -Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones from Fingerhut

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If you’re looking to buy a cell phone then you should definitely consider the buy now pay later offers at Fingerhut. The credit facility for this free credit catalog site is very accommodating and sometimes you might even get instant credit depending on your credit history and credit score. One of the best things about the deferred billing service is that you can pay small amounts every month, payments start as low as $5.99 per month and there is a 20 day free home trial and no annual fees or over-limit fees.

Buy Now Pay Later Cell Phones at Fingerhut

Fingerhut which is one of the leading free credit catalogs offering more than just cell phones; you can get iPhone accessories, Smartphone accessories, unlocked/replacement phones. Some of the more popular models which are available on the Fingerhut deferred billing service include the Blackberry Z10 International Unlocked Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone, Sony Xperia Android Smartphone, and the Apple iPhone Verizon Smartphone. At the moment there is a 15% site wide sale which means that you’ll get a discount and then defer your bill and spread the cost of your shopping which makes making the payments even easier.

What Else Does Fingerhut Offer?

Fingerhut offers much more than cell phones and Smartphone’s, they have a department for every place in your home; this is one of the best department stores around and competes very well with the likes of Sears and Montgomery Ward. Some of the departments include bed & bath, kitchen, furniture, home, sports, electronics, toys, apparel, and jewelry. If you need something for your home then it’s almost certain that it will be available at Fingerhut. If you like shopping from the comfort of your home at a touch of a button all in one place this merchant really meets the need.

If you don’t want to shop online then you can even request a catalog and phone the merchant to place an order. Another great service that this online credit catalog offers is gift finder, if you’re stomped for ideas then this facility will help you all the ideas that you need. If you really love shopping at this merchant then you can even become an affiliate and make money promoting this great site. Another feature this catalog offers that’s worth mentioning is it has a page devoted to clearance products, if you love looking for a bargain then you can do that too.

Buy Now Pay Later Instant Credit at Fingerhut

Fingerhut offers the FreshStart Credit facility which helps you get what you want, the facility is quite simple to understand, if you are able to put a $30 down payment with a $50 minimum purchase then you can apply for the BNPL facility which will help you to lower spread the cost of your shopping with low monthly instalment payments. Your order will be sent to you once your payments clears and once your balance is paid off in full you’ll be rewarded with a WebBank Fingerhut credit account.

If you’re looking to buy a cell phone then you can have a look around at the wide selection available, you should make the purchase when there is a site wide sale, all you have to do is put $30 down and make sure your cell phone costs more than $50. Once your payment is cleared the cell phone is shipped to you and you can make low monthly payments to pay the balance off.

Fingerhut boast statements like we often say yes when others say no and also have no annual fees or over limit fees, this makes this online credit catalog one of the most competitive places to shop if you have credit available. Even if you have bad or adverse credit there is a good chance that you’ll be accepted into the program, once in if you can demonstrate that you’re a reliable shopper who makes payments on time then your credit limit will increase and so will your buying power and repair any damaged credit.

Free Credit Catalogs – Fingerhut

Fingerhut is one of the best places to get a cell phone on buy now pay later, you get a wide selection of the latest products like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia which you can purchase while there is a sale and then spread the cost of your purchase at very low rates of interest. This merchant also tries to accommodate people with bad credit so if you’re having difficulties because of your status this free credit catalog can really help.