Free Cross Marketing For Your EBAY Store

When EBAY started EBAY Stores, the concept was to give a small businessperson the ability to have a web presence without building a website. The question becomes, well if it is like a website how I manage it to increase traffic to the store and increase sales.

The first rule is that you need to think of your store as if it is a bricks and mortar store because your store categories are just like aisles in the store. The reason I say this is that better the store is organized the more likely people are going to search and find what they are looking for in your store.

There are a few applications that you can use to manage your store, from a web analytics – store analytics perspective. EBAY gives you automatically Traffic Reports which are based on the Omniture Adobe Site Catalyst platform. It is very simple to use. The only problem is that you cannot access it all the time. If you have experience in web analytics, it works the same way for a web site.

The next free tool is EBAY Listing Analytics. What the tool does is give you a listing of your items and key performance indicators for all you listings. The report itself is lagged by at least two days so if some your listings do not appear that is the reason why. You can download into an Excel Spreadsheet to analyze it. EBAY does give you a guide in terms of analysis. What I have done is create a low cost service for doing analysis.

Another free application that is offered is Froo Smart Social Analytics. The one concept that people do not seem to realize is they have the ability to cross sell and cross marketing their items for free outside of EBAY. Social Media has created that opportunity. With Froo, it will send your listing to Twitter and Facebook automatically based on the schedule you set up. You can see and measure the impact when looking at your Traffic Reports from Omniture and looking at the Referring Traffic report.

To keep it simple I recommend setting up a Twitter Account first. If you have a Facebook page already, that is great because the application will save you time. I have not set up a Facebook page for my business.
Remember by marketing you items outside of EBAY and customer arrives and purchases an item listed you save on your final value fees. It can add it very quickly.

Lastly, there is Pinterest. I have set up an account and what I have done is Pin items that I know sell very easily. Right now, there is no application that will automatically Pin you items.