Free Diabetic Supplies for Low Income No Health Insurance

Diabetes being one of the world’s most deadly diseases has waged the level of the playing field and realistically speaking, medicines and maintenance of a Diabetic person is really expensive. There are Diabetic persons who have relatively low income and worst is that they even have no health insurances at all. The most important query for this maybe the question of:”Are there any free diabetic supplies for low income/ no health insurance citizens?”

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a long time chronic disease resulting from a high sugar level present in the blood. It can be cause from having too little amount of insulin, resistance to insulin or both. When we speak of insufficient insulin, it means that our pancreas produces insulin that amounts lesser to what our body really needs. On the other hand, insulin resistant persons are those which have enough amount of insulin, but their body is not adopting or responding to the production of insulin. Diabetes is also a result of body’s incapability to transport the sugar into our fats, liver and muscles. As time goes by, the number of people who have this disease is increasing and still counting. The problem now is that there is no known cure for diabetes. Once you have it, you can never escape from it. Treatment is the only thing that you can do about it. When we say treatment, it includes your medicines, diet and even exercise to control the level of blood sugar. There are also scientific researches which prove that Diabetes has caused complications of other diseases to a person, especially when he/she gets older and weaker.

Support Groups

Along with the increasing incidents of people having Diabetes, there is also an increase of support groups for those who are financially incapacitated in furthering their treatments. Among these groups is the American Diabetes Association which readily addresses those who are within the territory of America. However, they are not limited within that parameter. Their researches have proven to be helpful in disseminating information throughout the globe. They also conduct some fun-raising program in order to support Diabetic persons by giving them free diabetic supplies, especially to those who have lower income and no health insurances. We also have the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. This is a global organization which mainly addresses the issue of diabetes on the teenagers. There have been reports that more of the younger ages nowadays, are more prone to have diabetes due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. In fact, diabetes is scientifically linked to obesity, thereby, elevating the problem even more. Since juveniles, being juveniles, cannot work at all, they are amongst those who cannot support their treatment. There’s no more problem about it because JDRFI will help them by providing free services and medical supplies for these kids. They also have activities such as Fall Walk to raise fund in lieu to their advocacy of supporting juvenile diabetics. We also have an information drive campaign through the National Diabetes Education Program. They inform people about the causes, symptoms and risks brought about by Diabetes in their lives. The extent of their campaign ranges from magazines, tabloids, books, television networks, cyber world and even print ads such as fliers and posters. IN this way, they might not be able to support the victims of this chronic disease on a financial level, but they were able to increase people’s awareness. With this, there can be more informed citizenry, and increasing the chances of people engaging themselves to support the diabetics. All the more, these groups are working hand in hand to give a hand for those who have little economic resources in supporting their treatments.

Free Diabetic Supplies

Moreover, there are those who are willing to offer free diabetic supplies for everyone, not just for low income earners or those who have no health insurances. Medical missions for example, provide you the opportunity for free consultation with medical professionals. They can also go as far as giving medicines for your maintenance. This activity is joined by nurses and doctors who are whole-heartedly dedicated to help those who are in need of their help. Your local health centers also offer services like this. In fact, the government itself was the one who ordered for the support mechanisms within the locality through the establishment of health centers. This would include some of their support programs in giving out free medical supplies.

What’s the implication?

In a real life situation, some who really have no means of supporting his/her maintenance is bound to go to a drug manufacturer and beg for some testing samples of diabetic drugs for free. Although there are some manufacturers which scrutinize you and check whether you are really diabetic or not, before giving you free testing samples. Sometimes, your financial status can also be put into interrogations to prove that you are really poor and cannot sustain your medication at all. If you want to treat yourself and survive the maddening sound of this disease, you should be willing to do all of these, for the sake of your wellness.


The main point of this is that no matter how poor a person is, he/she can never give it as an excuse for not being able to support his medical needs. There is really no reason to be hopeless and give up on life. If you give up on life, life will also give up on you. Remember this all the time, as long as there are diabetes victims all over the globe who are unable to support their treatment and maintenance, there will always a group, two groups or even more out there who will be willing to help you. Giving free diabetic supplies for low income and no health insurances victims, is concrete evidence that the world has not gone mad totally. Humanity still cares for one another. Reaching out for those who fall, this is what they do best.