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Free Diabetic Supplies Low Income No Health Insurance: Options You Can Take


Free Diabetic Supplies Low Income No Health Insurance

What are your options when it comes to free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance? It is a given fact that diabetic patients have expensive medications and test supplies for maintenance. The problem is that not everyone can afford these types of expenses. As a solution, numerous organizations and government agencies provide free diabetic supplies to low income families and individuals with no health insurance. So, where can you seek help in terms of diabetic supplies?

Understanding the importance of diabetic supplies

Before going on to the main topic, it is very crucial to understand why diabetic supplies are necessary. Some people who can’t afford these supplies don’t mind if they get it or not. But, this should not be the case. Checking glucose levels is and should be a part of your daily routine. Through this, you will determine if immediate therapy is needed. Maintenance drugs are given to stabilize one’s condition. However, there are instances that extreme elevations of glucose levels are experienced. This then would require immediate therapy. If it is not administered immediately complications may arise or worse, it can be lethal. With that being said, monitoring your glucose levels in a daily basis is a very important routine.

The law on providing free diabetic supplies

In the recent changes in health regulations, the law requires insurance companies to provide free insurance in terms of diabetic supplies. This enables diabetic patients to acquire free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance. Included in the diabetic supplies are lancet, glucose strips, glucometers, and batteries.

For individuals with Medicare or private health insurance, you can find pharmaceutical firms that provide free diabetic supplies. As long as an invoice is forwarded to your insurance firms, all diabetic supplies are available.

Where can you get free diabetic supplies?

There are numerous ways for one to acquire free diabetic supplies. To enumerate them, here is a list on where you can get diabetic supplies for free.

  • Medical missions – Typically, health care professionals conduct medical missions in both rural and urban areas from time to time. These medical missions are either funded by the government or non-profit organizations. They would examine you physically and provide free diabetic maintenance drugs and supplies afterwards.
  • Health centers – Health centers are another way for you to obtain free medications and supplies. This is actually the government’s way of helping poor people obtain quality health care for free. If they have abundant stocks, you can ask for free diabetic supplies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies – As mentioned earlier, various drug manufacturers provide free supplies as giveaways to attract consumers. As long as they are reputable manufacturing firms you can rely on them for your supplies.


All these options are accessible. You have to provide them with proof that you are a diabetic patient in dire need before they would give some free supplies. With that being said, there is no reason for you to neglect checking your glucose level every day because free diabetic supplies low income no health insurance are readily available for you.

Free Diabetic Supplies Low Income No Health Insurance: Options You Can Take
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