Free Government Help Paying Disconnected Utility and Electric Bills

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Americans spend millions every year on utility bills, when they could get free government help paying them. They are not the only ones to be concerned about energy bills. It can be said that worldwide, people are constantly worried about paying heating bills mostly for those who experience harsh winters. It is no wonder that many countries and governments provide assistance to those in difficulties. There are times you might find yourself with disconnected electrical or gas service because of negligence or because you have failed on multiple occasions to pay your bills on time.

Contact Your Energy Provider

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You should try to avoid having your electricity or gas disconnected the cause of lack of payments. The best thing to do is to contact your local gas or electricity board and ask for an arrangement. Don’t think you can avoid the situation and hope it will go away. The problem with disconnected gas and electricity is that it will cost you more money to have it reconnected.

Free Aid For Utility Bills

There are times when you need assistance in order to receive free government help paying disconnected utility bills. You need to bear in mind that if your situation is not critical you might not qualify for help. Most local state governments have a program to help those with disconnected utility problems. The help you get will depend on the financial situation of your family and also the time of the year in which your gas and electricity were disconnected. Another thing that is taken into consideration is the setup of your household like when there are little children involved.

What Assistance Is Available

You should not expect a lot from the government if you have been negligent. On the average you might receive up to $500 towards paying your bills and getting your electricity and gas reconnected. You will not receive the money directly but the local government will pay part of your arrears to the vendor.

Qualifying For Help

In order to see if you qualify, you need to bring along your pay slip and a recent copy of your utility bills. You need to make sure the bills are in your name. If the bills are in the name of your landlord, this can make things a little bit complicated you. It can also mean that you might not be able to get free government help once your utilities are disconnected.

Programs That Help

LIHEAP, the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program is well-known to make sure the utilities do not get disconnected, by providing assistance to moderate and low income families. There may be other government agencies that provide assistance that you should check out by contacting your health and human services department.

Most local government will not appreciate it if you are irresponsible and then to wait to be disconnected before you seek help.

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Free Government Help Paying Disconnected Utility and Electric Bills, Seekyt
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