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Free Hotel Reservation Booking No Credit Cards Needed – To Make The Process More Simple



Not everyone has a credit card and some people prefer to use other forms of payment when they decide to stay in a hotel.


Free hotel reservation booking without using a credit card? It does not seem right. But there is always a way and nothing is impossible in this generation. Most of the hotels you want to book a reservation at need a credit card. Many hotels have policies for booking, such as credit card information, the minimum stay or advance payment as a deposit in advance. Since you will reserve these rooms on the Internet or telephone, you must use a credit card for cash transactions. Thus, the reservation is not a total loss of the hotel. In addition, credit cards allow the hotel to charge you if ever you ruin anything in their rooms. But, even without credit card, there are other ways to book a hotel room. How can it be free? Continue reading to get your answer.

Options to take if you don’t have a credit card

You can definitely find a hotel in this world that make a reservation or book a room without taking credit card numbers, but they are the exception. The majority do not book a hotel room without a credit card. Hotel chains are almost certain to require a credit card. A hotel reservation free No credit card is already practiced in some hotels, contrary to what others think. Travelers have the option of using debit cards or cash to make accommodations. In fact, information about the bank account of a person was required instead by a hotel on certain scenarios. Verification of a hotel that accepts a debit card or cash may take some time and effort. But since these institutions are in the business and want to make money, they are more than willing to take you in. You can be sure of that. Another problem is a bad or poor credit. You always get rejected for history of poor credit, so thinking of another way is inevitable. Now, if you do not have debit cards, you can precede doing booking through the use of online fund transfers. PayPal, money bookers, etc are examples of such. There are a bunch of hotel companies that accept reservation prepayments through PayPal. For example, you might see your payment options as Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. If so, you can book a hotel room without a credit card. But this is only partially true. PayPal itself requires either your credit card information or your bank account information. So if you’re squeamish about giving out your credit card information or bank account information to anyone, then you may still be hesitant to use the PayPal option. Unfortunately, not every hotel credit card booking policy allows people to use PayPal or cash for hotel reservations and hotel bookings. In fact, most probably do not, so what are other ways? If I were you, I would go with debit process.

Another option is a prepaid credit card account. It is not exactly as a debit card, and it is technically not a credit card. A prepaid credit card account is opened by depositing money into that account, much in the same way you would make a deposit to open a checking or savings account. Once the money has been deposited, the account holder is issued a physical credit card that can be used in the same transactions in which regular credit cards are permitted. Perhaps the best part of the prepaid credit card is that spending cannot go so far as to send the account holder into debt. The purchasing power of that card is limited to the amount of the security paid upfront in order to secure and use the card. Furthermore, because of the security deposit required, bills are unnecessary and interest charges or late fees aren’t possible. In this respect, prepaid credit cards are similar to debit cards linked to a savings or checking account. Prepaid credit cards are usually supplied with an account set up charge. The amount varies but is usually between about $ 5 Dollars (USD) for $ 10 USD. Moreover, additional charges will be imposed each time more money is deposited in the account prepaid credit card. For those with bad credit, the immense benefits of a prepaid credit card outweigh these additional costs. Prepaid credit cards can make reservations for such things as hotel rooms and pay for things like the car while avoiding the possibility of interest charges.

Now, after you decide to use debit, I will tell you how to be thrifty. First, determine the type of hotel you want to stay in. What is your preference? Before booking, you need to know if you opt for a five-star hotel, a luxury chain or somewhere that does not eat up your wallet. Second, the hotels have different room rates. You must be resourceful in doing your research so you would not be short of money, especially if you intend to use cash when you are there. Yes, making free hotel reservation booking no credit cards can be done. A person has to establish its specific needs before making a final blow. Third, when you made your choice about the type of hotel you want, do your research. Check two or three travel agents online that can give you different prices for hotels. With these online sites, you can make comparisons before making a decision. There are some hotels that are preparing their ‘so-so’ rooms on booking using the services of a travel agency online. You would not want that to happen if you plan to have a comfortable and relaxing stay in a hotel. For peace of mind, go see the website of the hotel itself so you can make good judgments. Sites show different prices for the rooms and the timetable for the availability of guests.

Now is the time to make a move. If you have a debit card, you can use it. Check to see if it carries the MasterCard or Visa logo on your own before you book. Most of the reservations systems of hotels are not suitable for detecting if a credit card is used or not, especially if you have a logo. You need to clarify though if you will be charged with hotel fees for transactions like these.


How is it free? The amount deposited is refunded if the voucher is cancelled. Otherwise, the deposited amount is deducted from the total cost of your hotel stay. That is if you discussed a free hotel booking through phone or a link from the internet. It is kind of tricky but logical to think there is free hotel booking without the use of a credit card.

Free Hotel Reservation Booking No Credit Cards Needed – To Make The Process More Simple
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