Free Hotel Reservation Booking No Credit Cards Needed

Free Hotel Reservation Booking No Credit Cards Needed: Options You Can Take

It is uncommon for hotels to have free hotel reservation booking no credit cards needed. However, there are few who accept reservations via other types of paying methods and refund reservation fees if the trip is cancelled. Ideally, the term “free hotel reservation booking” signifies to refunds made by the hotel when travel plans are cancelled. Basically, all reservations will be deducted to your total charges after your stay.

There are numerous hotels that practice this method especially in today’s competitive business industry where consumer’s demand is top priority. Thus, hotels with free booking are not limited. Furthermore, the use of other payment methods has expanded. For you to be able to find these hotels research is imperative. For this reason, this article will help you find a hotel that offers free reservation without credit cards.

Credit card alternatives

In terms of paying method there are numerous alternatives available. Through these methods money transfers from one account to another are done efficiently.

  • Prepaid credit cards – The recent trend in credit card companies is the use of prepaid credit cards. Basically, these cards are pre-funded unlike credit cards but they are used in the same manner as credit cards. The beauty of using this is the avoidance of unnecessary charges that is present in typical credit card bills. And since it is prefunded; you can control your travel expenses.
  • Debit cards – These cards are sometimes perceived as prepaid credit cards due to its similarities in terms of use. However, debit cards are bank accounts with ATM cards used for purchasing. It will only work if your bank is affiliated to the hotel.
  • PayPal – Online money transfer is a popular trend today. Although, to use your PayPal account a credit card or bank account is mandatory. This can work if you are worried about sharing banks information to various hotels.
  • Cash and other online money transfer – Cash and other online money transfers are other alternatives you can opt for. Money bookers for example can transfer money from your account to the hotel’s account.

How to find hotels that offer free hotel reservations?

Basically, one way to find free hotel reservation booking no credit card needed is to check the hotel’s terms and conditions. Before checking this you have to narrow your search for hotels first. Depending on your preferences such as facilities, services and rates; you narrow your list to 3 or 4 hotels. Once you’re decided you can easily check their terms and conditions. You can also directly inquire at their customer service hotline for more direct information.

Another way to find hotels is to ask for some recommendations. Browse some feedbacks and reviews made by other customers. You can also ask a friend for some options you can take.


No matter how diligently one plans a trip cancellations are inevitable events. Some give in to non-refundable reservation fees. But, if you are someone who values every penny, you’ll opt for free reservations. As of today more and more hotels have been practicing this. It only takes an hour or two to find one that offers not only a reasonable rate but free hotel reservation booking no credit card needed as well.