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Free Income Tax Help For Minorities – Filing Doesn't Have to Be A Nightmare


Are you looking for free income tax help for minorities? It’s no secret that tax codes around the world are complicated with many tiresome reports to fill out. Even if you qualify for filing under the easy methods, it can still be unnerving to submit documents that receive such a high level of scrutiny. So whether you are math savvy or just interested in getting the paperwork in as soon as possible, there is help out there waiting just for you.

Let the IRS Work For You!

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, or VITA, is a program that offers free tax help for minorities with low- to moderate-income and families that generally earn below fifty thousand dollars per year. The VITA program also offers program help to individuals who for whatever reason do not have the ability to file their own tax returns. The VITA program uses well trained volunteers from a number of different companies that receive government training in order to help those who need help with their taxes. In many communities, the VITA program is located where most people congregate together, like shopping malls, community centers, or local libraries. The VITA program in many cases also offers free electronic filing, so there is no worry of things getting lost in the mail. To locate the your local VITA program, you can call their toll free number, which is 1-800-906-9887. Just make sure to bring all of your income documents, proof of deductions, and your identification on your appointment day so you can get it all taken care of right then and there!

Students Can Be a Tremendous Asset

If you live in a community that contains or is near to a college or university, then you likely are able to access free income tax help for minorities at some point between January and April. Many accounting courses offer their student’s services when it comes to tax preparation because it assists in the student’s education while also helping out those in need within their community. Simply contact your local educational institution to see if they offer the services, when they might offer them, and what it takes to qualify.

Local Can Be Better!

Each community has their own individualized identity, so free income tax help for minorities that is provided locally can be a huge benefit for local families. Many local programs are offered through local case managers who can assist with helping you get in touch with those who can provide the help you need. Simply contact your local Department of Health and Human Services office to see what local options are available for you. They may require you to have an open or active case with their office, but that is a small price to pay when you consider what help can be provided.

Check With Your Local NAACP

When it comes to the issues that minorities face, those who have walked in similar shoes are the ones who best know what you need and when you need it. Free income tax help for minorities is something many minority advocate groups, including the NAACP, can help you with when it comes to making sure you are in complete compliance with Federal regulations. Many times all it takes is a quick phone call, often toll free, to your local minority advocate group.

Free income tax help for minorities can be found, can be accessed, and can be a benefit to you and your family.

Free Income Tax Help For Minorities – Filing Doesn't Have to Be A Nightmare
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