Free legal services Mo

Free Legal Services Mo

There are many attorneys and law firms which are always willing to give free legal services MO. This legal assistance is usually extended to help low income individuals in Missouri who are in need of legal aid. The assistance can be on a number of cases which include divorce, child custody, immigration, real estate, public benefits, bankruptcy, consumer, HIV/AIDS, torts, education, domestic violence, health and individual rights.

Qualifying for free legal assistance

Free legal services MO are special services which are meant to help low income individuals. Therefore, one needs to prove that they are low income earners first for them to be eligible for free legal aid.

One can show that they indeed qualify for the free legal advice in Missouri by proving that their monthly or annual income is so low that they cannot afford to hire attorneys of their own. On the other hand, one may also qualify for the free legal service MO by showing that they rely on other federal assistance programs. As such, individuals relying on food stamps, Medicaid, SSI, and public housing would easily access the free legal services in Missouri as they have already been found to be in need.

For women who have been abused by their spouses, they can easily get free legal assistance from the Pro Bono Safety Project. This is an organization that works together with local shelters and abuse agencies to help women who have been abused by their spouses.

Who funds the free legal services MO

The federal government funds free legal services to residents of Missouri to help them in civil cases. This legal help is only for low income Missourians.

Although many attorneys in Missouri offer free legal assistance, this aid does not cover all manner of cases. The attorneys usually donate part of their time to help poor residents of Missouri, a practice that is highly encouraged by the Missouri bar.

The attorneys who offer free legal services MO may not assist clients who need legal help with cases like wills, child adoption, worker compensation, criminal cases, and personal injury. If one needs help in these cases, they may have to hire their own attorneys or rely on the public defender.

The aim of free legal services in Missouri

It is worth noting that free legal services MO are mostly provided by non-profit law firms. They offer their services to mostly the low income earners in Missouri, the elderly, women and children. Their limited funding does not allow them to cover many cases and they therefore mostly cover civil cases.

The objective of the participating law firms which offer free legal services is to provide the needy persons in Missouri with the best legal services at no cost. Therefore, individuals and families that cannot afford legal professionals of their own or hire attorneys to represent them can be helped by these non-profit law firms extending free legal services in Missouri.

Low income individuals can search online for the nearest law firm offering free legal services Mo to get help. This is the easiest way of finding their addresses.