Free Makeup Samples By Mail – Free Shipping Without Surveys

If like many others you like cosmetics but don’t want to spend too much then you need to know how to get free makeup samples by mail. If you can get the cosmetic products with free shipping and without taking any surveys then it’s even better. In this article I will show you exactly what you need to do and where to look for beauty cosmetic freebies, these makeup sites and makeup companies are giving away mascara, makeup, lipsticks and other items. I have also included a few videos that will help you find free makeup samples by mail.

Going direct to cosmetics companies for free makeup samples by mail

It really works if you contact the big companies for free beauty samples, make-up companies like Max Factor, L’Oreal and Maybelline are in fierce competition with each other and really want your custom. If you contact them direct via email asking them for samples that you want to check out then you might get some of their latest products. If you are serious about getting cosmetics without spending money then this is a definite way to get free makeup samples by mail.

Department stores have free makeup samples by mail or at store

If you have department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Debenhams then you should contact them via email or phone for free makeup samples by mail. Give them a call or email them asking them for specific samples that you want to try and possibly buy in the future. If you can convince them you will purchase in the future you will get the free makeup samples by mail. You could even go direct to the store and ask what products they are giving away.

Use cosmetics distribution companies to get free makeup samples by mail – free shipping

Big make up companies need sites to distribute their health and beauty freebies. The website Target is a great way to get freebies in the UK and US. If you go to their website you can register and then request sample that look appealing to you. Cosmetics companies use Target so that they can hook customers to their products using promotional giveaways.

Another distribution company to use to get free makeup samples by mail – No surveys needed. is a great beauty website which has a loyalty program designed for people who want to get free makeup samples by mail. One you register you get the opportunity to become a Beauty Insider and for every product you use you get points. These points can be used to redeem items on their make-up website. Also for every purchase you have the opportunity to choose between 3 samples that they offer. If you do have

B A Star is another great free makeup samples by mail company

To find all the latest health and beauty products, cosmetics and perfume celebrities use go to You’ll be surprised at the high end products that this make-up website has. If you fill some generic details and like their page you will be able to get free makeup samples by mail without spending a penny.

Pristine Skin Care, another great company giving free makeup samples by mail

If you have skin that’s prone to acne then Pristine Skin Care is offering products that are designed for your skin type. Most of their products are completely natural and include raw honey and green tea to help clear your skin.

I love getting cosmetics without spending any money and if you have any ideas please include a comment and I will add it to my top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list.