Free Niche Website Ideas for College Students

Many college students investigate the notion of making money with niche websites. It offers them the luxury of working on their own time, between classes and any other jobs they may have. If you’re a college student, consider making a niche website using one of the free niche website ideas below. If the simple ideas below do not sound good to you, visit Website Niche Ideas for a more complete and helpful list of free niche website ideas.

1. Fraternities and Sororities
College freshman (and others) are often faced with the dilemma of whether to join a frat or sorority and which one to join. College students could use this curiosity to their advantage when choosing a moneymaking website niche. Identify for the student body which Greek organizations are available to join and some details about each one. This will save students time visiting the different websites of each organization individually.

2. Cheap Textbooks
The internet is flooded with options of where to buy cheap textbooks. Many students don’t like to buy their textbooks online because of the wait in shipping. One option that exists as a potential money making niche for college students is a site that highlights the different places to purchase (or trade) textbooks on campus or within a surrounding area. For this niche website, be sure that your keywords feature regional language to target students from that particular campus.

3. What’s Your Major?
College students spend countless hours reading about and researching their major (and minor). Students could create niche websites based around their own area of study. For instance, with a child development major you could use the ‘kindergarten worksheets’ niche. These topics could also be used to write articles on revenue sharing sites. It is always easier to write content in an area of your interest.

Hopefully, you were able to use these three free niche website ideas for college students. Leave comments if you have any ideas for niche websites that are good for college students to explore.