Free Niche Website Ideas for Sports Fans

It is so much easier to make money with a niche website when you enjoy the content you are covering. If you are a sports fan, consider these topics to serve as content for a moneymaking niche website. For a more comprehensive list of free niche website ideas, visit this web resource.

1. Regional Sports Teams
From High School volleyball to college lacrosse, there are a number of different niche sports topics to help you begin a niche website that makes money. Search your area for lower-level sports teams (including roller derby and independent league baseball teams) for teams or sports that aren’t covered extensively. Chances are, only the local paper will cover these sports and you may be able to grab a market share of the regional searches.

2. Minor League Sports
This includes not just minor league baseball but also D-League basketball and Arena Football. Every major sport has a minor league counterpart and often these receive less coverage than the major sports. Find all of ‘minor league’ teams in your immediate region and generate a website based on all the lower level sports for that region.

3. Sports Team Jewelry
Most major sports have a market for jewelry wearing fans. It’s not just women that wear this themed jewelry. Keep in mind, this niche will likely only be viable for major sports. Find a specific sport or team and write articles about the different kinds of jewelry available.

4. Athletic Apparel for Girls
For a niche website that can make you money, consider athletic apparel for any specific genre of person: children, adults, kids, babies, baby girls, etc. You can hone your niche further by identifying with a specific region (athletic apparel for Ohio sports fans) or with a specific team (Bengals gear for babies). I would recommend ensuring your athletic apparel niche is very specific since this topic tends to be saturated.

5. Sports Gear for Kids
One niche website that might make money is for sports gear. By this I don’t mean shirts with logos but gear needed to play specific sports. Check out some of these keyword phrases to get a better understanding of my intentions: cleats for tee ball, softball bats for kids, pads for junior football leagues, etc.

Hopefully, you were able to use this list of potentially money making website niches for sports fans.