Free Notebook Computers for the Poor

There are many nonprofit organizations that offer free notebook computers for the poor and low income families. This is especially true for households that have students in them, since they are almost mandatory in this day and age for school. If you are a low income family, you’ll have a great chance to get a laptop, desktop, or netbook at no charge. Let’s look in more detail.

  • Where to Look

CRC: The computer Recycling Center is a great place to get free notebooks. This nonprofit charity provides them at no charge for less fortunate families that need a PC. They are donated by good Samaritans.

FreeCycle: is another great place to look if you need a PC in the home for your children for school, so they don’t fall behind. You’ll find the organization has many laptops and desktops that are available for those in need of assistance.

In addition to national charitable organizations like those listed, you have some local options to explore as you look for free notebook computers for the poor. Here are a few places to look.

Schools: Since many school districts are requiring the use of computers for their students, they often have programs to provide poor families with students notebook computers to use during the school year, free of charge.

Local Civic Groups: You may be able to find a good used PC through a local civic group in your area. Try checking around to see what types of programs they have and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Other Options: Take an offensive approach and be aggressive. Put out an online ad and ask for help. Many people actually throw away their old notebook computers rather than give them to a poor family for free. You’ll often be able to get a working unit at no charge.

  • What You’ll Get

Don’t expect to get a brand new, high end PC. You will, however, be able to find a working unit that will serve the purpose you need it to. The charitable organizations listed go through the laptops and desktops to make sure they are free of viruses and are in working condition. If you use the other options, like taking out an ad, you’ll have to settle for what you can get. In the case of the schools, the “loaner” units they rent out (often given to low income families with no rent charge) are the ones that were replaced, but are still generally in good working condition.

You can find free notebook computers for the poor if you are willing to look hard.