Free Perfume and Fragrance Samples by Mail and Post: No Surveys To Fill

The fragrance business is a $30 billion global industry. The perfume companies have the means to do almost anything so you will buy their perfumes and colognes, which includes giving consumers free perfume samples by mail (no surveys required). Fragrance can add up to costing hundreds or even thousands annually just to be able to sport the scent of your choice. You may be able to get cologne samples from your chosen brands, like Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, DKNY, Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Paul Sebastian, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana and lots more, sent to your home. Don’t scour through magazines and spray your wrist at perfume counters to try the trending fragrance scents.

Look at these six ways you can get free perfume samples by mail (no surveys required).

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 1.Go to Perfume Brand Websites

Going to your favourite official fragrance website will enable you to see if there are any available offersthe brand is sponsoring. Many cologne companies will deliver free samples when you get on the mailing list, while other companies provide free cologne or beauty products for you to try. For instance, prior to the publication of this article, I went to a large brand name site, Lancome, and found that this brand is offering complementary mascara and free fragrance samples. Other brands give away free perfume samples by mail (no surveys) if you become a member of their membership club or group. Visit your chosen cologne site to see what free stuff you can find.

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 2. Find Freebie Websites

Freebie websites, like Freebie Fanatics and My Free Product Samples, supply daily blog posts and offers that tell you what brands are giving out free perfume samples and other free stuff to publicize a fragrance. For instance, when visited one of the aforementioned websites, I discovered that Bath & Body Works is offering a free sample of their Malibu Heat Body Lotion. The only requirement for receiving this free sample is to provide your address and name on their contact form to receive your free perfume samples by mail (no surveys required).

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 3. Buy at Sephora

Purchase your beauty and cosmetic products at, and this company lets you decide which free perfume samples by mail (no surveys) you want. Many of the cosmetics are priced fairly at this beauty website and allow for browsers to post reviews about fragrances and perfumes. Furthermore, Sephora also has many unusual and difficult-to-find products for sale.

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 4. Visit Ebay

You will probably not land any free stuff from visiting Ebay, but you can locate many cheap or discounted perfumes for almost nothing. This is definitely better than paying full price for a fragrance. Also, you can get your not exactly free samples by mail (no surveys). Furthermore, many of the Ebay auctions sell in bulk or large lots, so you get many samples by mail instead of one or two. Don’t get duped by high shipping and handling cost. Auctioneers will often raise these costs to compensate for low-priced items.

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 5. Write

When you go to you chosen perfume site and discover that the company is not currently advertising any free sample offers. Locate the page with contact information of the site and write to them via email. When you write, let the company know that you like their product and that you have not had a chance to try it or wear it. Put your contact information and mailing address in the email. Most companies will send you free stuff, including samples, other products and coupons.

Free Perfume Samples by Mail (No Surveys) – 6. Look on Twitter and Facebook

Many brands are now offering are hundreds on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, in exchange for you “liking” and “following” their page. Search key terms on these sites, like “free products” and “free samples” to find the latest free perfume deals and offers. Getting another Twitter or Facebook account may not be a bad idea if you plan to do a lot of searching, as there are literally hundreds of offers everyday on these social media sites for people to claim free stuff.