Free Phone Records of Numbers Called – Telephone Cell Phone Mobile Records

If you have a mobile phone or home phone installed and you are the official account holder then there are a few different ways that you can get free phone records of numbers called. There are a few different situations in which this might be handy, including account overcharging, someone else using your phone without permission, or for keeping track of a child’s phone usage.

Cell Phone Records/Cell Phone Lookup

Depending on the provider these lists can have differing amounts of information on them. Simpler ones may have numbers dialed and times called and more complex ones may have a breakdown of the different charges and when they were made to your account. Either way this information can be essential in solving a dispute or for keeping your phone bill in check.

Only the Primary Account Holder Can Retrieve This Information

There are legal restrictions on who this information can be given out to and as a result telephone companies will only give out call lists to the primary account holders and sometimes their spouse if they have records of the relationship.

The only other people that can access this information are government and law agencies when they are exercising this right within the bounds of their normal duties, for example law enforcement and counter-terrorism.

Your First Option for Getting Free Records of Numbers Called: Bills

Most telecommunications companies send out a list of numbers dialed and account charges with their monthly or quarterly bills. If it is near the end of the billing period and you are not in a rush for the information then it may be a good idea to simply wait for your bill to arrive.

The only drawback to this is that sometimes this list may not have all of the information that your require, but this changes from company to company.

Your Second Option for Free Records of Numbers Called: Contacting the Phone Service Provider

If you are the primary account holder then you can email or call your phone service provider and ask for a copy of your numbers called. Some companies will post or email these out but others may not. If your company does not send them out or charges a fee for doing so then you can ask to confirm specific information with them.

You could ask about the calls made on a certain date that you are suspicious of or whether there were calls made to a certain number. You may have to provide the operator or person you are emailing with your details so that they can confirm that you are, in fact, the account owner.

Your Third Option for Free Phone Records of Numbers Called: Going Online

Most companies these days have online services available to facilitate this and other account requests. Head to your Telco’s website and see if you can make an account to manage your phone service. From here you will be able to see and pay your bills as well as being able to access and print off your phone records.

Again, the amount of information that you can see online will vary from company to company. You may only be able to see the charges applied to your account and not a list of the numbers called. In this case go through the charges and highlight the suspicious ones.

Then call a representative and ask them to confirm the details of each of the suspicious charges. This way you can find the source of excess charges while not spending any more money.

An Alternative for Cell Phones

If your concerns are regarding a cell phone don’t forget that you can access a full history of calls made and received from the cell phone itself. Although it is possible to wipe this information a fully wiped call history is suspicious in itself and is cause for further investigation using one of the other methods.

Confronting Family Members

If you are suspicious of excessive charges then one of the best things you can do is to simply ask your family members outright if they have been making any long or expensive calls. This approach can save a lot of hostility and embarrassment and can resolve an issue as cheaply and quickly as any other method of getting free phone records of numbers called.