News FREE Read FREE Six ebooks this Sunday, March 11,...

FREE Read FREE Six ebooks this Sunday, March 11, 2012 FREE Read FREE


FREE Read FREE six ebooks this Sunday, March 11, 2012. The new KDP Select Program allows authors to make their ebooks available free for up to 5 days every 3 months. Just look up the ebook and order it free during that time frame. On Sunday midnight the ebooks will no longer be available to read free. Here ias a brief description of them.

KARMA Eastern Philosophy, Religion. Karma determines all life circumstances, and where the soul goes after death.

Sherlock Holmes And The Napped Children Crime Mystery, Classical British. Little blonde blie-eyed gorls are being napped and the police ask Sherlock Holmes for help. One of Holmes’s most unusual, difficult and brilliantly solved cases.

Starship To New Earth NOW Astrophysics, Relativity. Star travel is not so hard. This ebook explains and details why and how it is achievable NOW.

Tales Of The Cage Mind, Body and Spirit. Everyone is a prisoner in the cage of the body. Read about some very unusual attempts to escape. Were they successful? You decide.

The Adventures Of No Eyes Action, Adventure. If you liked Indiana Jones you will enjoy reading this ebook.

HEROIN Handbook Addiction, Psychopharmacology. Information helpful to relatives and friend of and for the Heroin addict. The information about Heroin addiction is life saving for all concerned. This ebook is not for the squeamish.

To get an ebook go to and search by Title or by Author, Phillip Duke.

IF by any chance you are too late to get in on the FREE ebook offer, do not feel bad, because you can still read the ebook free another way, like this. KDP offers all ebooks with a 7 day free return policy. Just buy the ebook and if you want return it free electronically within the 7 day period. Your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded.

What kind of writer is the author Phillip Duke? You read his ebooks and then you decide. I personally think he is great, but then I might be prejudiced, because you see I am him. Yes, I am. I offer these ebooks FREE because I want readers, not money. My email address is in every ebook, and I like to heat from my readers. All emails are replied to promptly.

FREE Read FREE these six ebooks and the five others I have published. Just buy any ebook and then return it before the 7 day free return period is up..FREE Read FREE.

FREE Read FREE Six ebooks this Sunday, March 11, 2012 FREE Read FREE
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