Free Social Bookmarking List

Tired of struggling to get your online content noticed? Whether you write freelance for revenue share, run a blog or own your own website, getting traffic is the number one concern after all the content is published. After all, you can have the best content in the world, but without traffic, who’s going to notice it or make you money on it? These top 5 websites on my free social bookmarking list and they will give your content a boost in search engine ranking and maybe even help make a little extra money.


Xomba serves as both an article publishing platform and a free social bookmarking site. Though the links are no follow, these 100 word explanations of your content can be written in a matter of minutes and if you have Google Adsense, you can earn money from the pages. Use alternate, but similar keywords to your content title in order to get the most out of your Xomba bookmark. Due to changes at Xomba, that require you not to submit your own content, this feature must be used sparingly, or you can trade links with multiple friends to avoid suspicion.


Redgage serves a variety of purposes, including acting as a photo sharing site, mini blogging platform and video sharing tool. Obviously since it‘s on this free social bookmarking list, it‘s also a social bookmark tool. Create a title, a short – less than 225 characters – description and post your link. You make money on a per-view basis so each time someone looks at your Redgage backlink, you make a little extra money.


Like Xomba, you can earn Adsense revenue on Snipsly just by posting a short blurb explaining your article, blog or website. Include a track back to your link to get the best social bookmarking results from Snipsly. This site requires far less discretion than Xomba, as there is little, if any, monitoring going on. Because of this though, you may also want to be wary before adding it to your own free social bookmarking list.


This Digg-like site offers the ability to not only have your content ranked by fellow members, but gives you the chance to earn extra money on the Adsense blocks located on your pages. To get the most out of SheToldMe you’ll need to be active across the rest of the site; this means the site may not be viable to those who are too busy to add another site to their list of work.


Digg is probably the most well-known among the social bookmarking sites. It has to be used sparingly and with caution though as those who spam the site – or appear to be spamming the site by posting too many links from one location, or posting too many of their own links – are banned quickly and never given another chance. Like SheToldMe, you have to be active with Digg to get much out of the site. If you can spare the time to be active though, this is quite possibly the best site on my free social bookmarking list as it gives the most benefit for your time.