Free Sock Monkey Hat Pattern – Time To Get Your Own

Free Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

Monkey hats are generally antique designs that old women in the past used to sew and wear. Fashion however has its own twists and turns and now monkey hats are quickly becoming the new fashion trend especially among many young kids. But the current designs are nothing like the ones that our grandmas used to sew. There are many new patterns that can give your child that stylish look and make them the envy of their peers. So if you want to surprise your child with a new classy monkey hat and also see how quick you can learn the new fashion designs, you will do with a free sock monkey hat pattern.

Check online patterns

Well, finding a unique design that will be outright striking should definitely be your first move. Fortunately you don’t have to scratch you head over this, the internet is at your rescue. There are hundreds of free sock monkey hat patterns online and you only need to spare some time to check most if not all of the available patterns and try to figure out one that will get your child or grandchild smitten. If you search around well it won’t be difficult to find an inimitable free sock monkey hat pattern to knit.

However remember that a good pattern or design for that matter must be accompanied by well chosen colors to bring out that great look that you have in mind. Finding out the best colors for your child may be necessary here to avoid disappointing them with colors they just don’t like.

Appropriate Size

The appropriateness of the size of the monkey sock you are planning to knit for your child is important as well. Especially if you have several children, you will have to get one for each because you know how children are, they can’t let anything good pass them and you sure don’t want to get them thinking that you love one more than the other! Approximating size sometimes can be challenging but to guide you just keep in mind that you will need a larger yarn for a larger hat. Nonetheless you can choose to take the free sock monkey hat pattern that you have liked to a professional sewer who can easily determine the sizes of your children and sew a masterpiece for each.

Gifts and Presents

Monkey sock hats are currently the real deal so if you are looking for a simple gift or present to give your 6 year old grandchild, it can simply turn you into the best grandma ever for your grandchildren if you get what I mean. Considering that it is also not costly to knit one too, it’s worth giving a shot especially if you have a passion for knitting.

Most websites that post pictures of different free sock monkey hat patterns additionally have experts in knitting to guide you when knitting one for you own. So if you have trouble regarding certain aspects of a given free sock monkey hat pattern, there are many online ‘masters’ that are waiting to help you through.