Free Standing Wrought Iron Hose Reel – Holds 250 feet of Hose

As the weather warms up here in Ontario I decided that this year I will finally find a hiding spot for my gardening supplies. As I was researching ways to do that on the cheap I discovered a wrought iron hose reel that is free standing, meaning it doesn’t need to attach to the house.

This is perfect for me, because my existing one is attached to the house and it is in bad shape. I can loop the hose onto my present holder only to have the loops slide off, and of course it waits until the very last loop. This is very frustrating.

I am a little bit handy, but don’t like the idea of attaching and drilling into the side of my old bungalow, so finding this heavy duty looking free standing one works for me.

It will hold up to 250 feet and it will not fall over. I am not a fan of drilling and attaching anything to the house, so after much research I have decided that this will be the answer.

Wrought Iron Hose Reel

As more and more of us vacation in our backyards it is nice to have everything in its spot. It is no different from the inside of the house where you need to put things away. If you are spending time and money on updating your gardens and back patio or deck then you need tools and then these tools need a home that is not ugly.

Unfortunately at my house things tended to be thrown around the side of the house that no one really uses. The part between the neighbour and I. So, this year I decided it was time to clean up even that side of the house, and one of the most annoying things about having all these nice gardens is that you need a long hose and then what do you do with it afterwards?

If I could afford an in-ground irrigation system, then I would do that, but I am trying to fix up my yard on the cheap this year and so researching online is a great place to start and it is amazing just what you will find. As soon as I saw this wrought iron hose reel that didn’t need to be attached to anything then I figured for under 50 dollars I could clean up that side of the house and make things look neat and tidy.

Perfect for Rental Houses Too

So, no this doesn’t do all the watering for you, but it does help to keep the place neat and tidy and looks good too. This would also be a great solution for a rental property. If you rent your house then you can’t be attaching things to the walls or doing construction so if you can find portable options then this works well for the yard.

You can still create your own backyard oasis on the cheap by getting privacy screens instead of spending loads of money on fencing, you can also get portable outdoor outdoor floor tiles that can simply click together over your existing patio. There are ways to make your yard nice this year even on the cheap. So enjoy your yard and clean it up!