Free Sunday School Lesson Plan and Edible Creation Craft: Teach the 7 Days of Creation in Fun Tasty Way

While this is not a traditional Sunday school lesson plan, it is a very effective creation craft to teach children about the six days of creation, and how God created the world and everything in it. Present this lesson in about 45 minutes, and let the students participate in the interactive hands on edible craft activity.

Lesson Overview and Process

In this Sunday school lesson about the creation of the world, children participate in making an edible snack that helps them remember what happened on each day of creation. This project reinforces prior lessons about the Christian Creation story in the Bible, and provides visual cues to help them remember the six days of creation.

The steps of creation are woven into the process of making the snack, and the kids participate in the hands on process. While this is not the standard type of children’s church lesson, because of the interactive nature, kids remember and retain the lesson material. As a plus, if you don’t want to use it for a lesson, it is a great free edible crafts for small kids for Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Lesson Supply List

You will need the following supplies to make an edible Creation Reminder Snack. Let the kids help “create” this snack to reinforce the lesson concepts and help them remember the sequence of events.

  • Vanilla pudding
  • Crushed sandwich cookies (chocolate cookies with a cream filling)
  • Blue and lime colored gelatin
  • Marshmallows
  • Mini vanilla wafers
  • Any star shaped cereal
  • Goldfish shaped snack crackers
  • Teddy bear shaped graham crackers
  • Yellow and chocolate cake frosting (canned, or homemade)
  • Gingerbread men cookies
  • Large glass bowl (like a trifle bowl)
  • Small disposable bowls
  • Plastic spoons

While the class is assembling this snack, use the opportunity to conversationally reinforce the lesson about the creation of the world. Here is a reminder list; just put the ingredients in the bowl as you discuss creation.

For example: what did God make on day one? That’s right, He created day and night. This vanilla pudding represents day, and now we will sprinkle the cookie crumbs on top to represent the night. Continue through the list below, adding layers to symbolize each creation day event.

  1. Day one – day and night (add vanilla pudding and then top with crushed cookies)
  2. Day two – sky and atmosphere (add a layer of blue jello and sprinkle with marshmallows)
  3. Day three – vegetation (add the lime jello)
  4. Day four – sun, moon, and stars (top some of the mini vanilla wafers with yellow frosting to represent the sun, and some with chocolate icing to represent the moon. Add a layer of star shapes.)
  5. Day five – fish (add a layer of goldfish shaped crackers)
  6. Day six – animals (add a layer of teddy bear shaped graham crackers)

Stop here and have the kids take a seat at the table, and then tell about how God creates man. Ask them what God did on day seven (He rested.) Tell them it is time to rest and enjoy their snack. Give each child a portion of the Creation day snack in a bowl, and top it with a gingerbread man cookie. They can dip their gingerbread men in the concoction, or eat them separately.

Teach Scripture with Piggyback Songs

After the kids finish their snack, teach them a scripture memory verse from Genesis chapter one by using the piggyback song technique. This method uses words from scriptures verses combined with the music of a familiar childhood song to help children memorize scripture. Sing the following words from Genesis 1:27 to the tune of “London Bridge” and use the suggested word spacing:

God created man in His image/in His image/In his image/in the image of God He created him/male and female He created man.

By the end of this lesson, students have reviewed the events of each day of creation, participated in a hands on snack activity, and learned to sing a scripture.

Lesson Extensions

Extend this creation craft activity by playing creation games or using Adam and Eve coloring pages. The more sensory links you can build to reinforce the lesson materials, the longer the kids will retain the information.