Free Tablets for Low Income Families

Were you wondering if it is possible to free tablets for low income families? Actually yes, it is entirely possible, although it might just come across like a bit of ‘wishful thinking’, there are actually a number of avenues you can take to get free tablet computers for low income families, specifically for the children. The reasoning behind it not be ‘that’ popular is because generally, people either don’t know about it or they don’t know where to go about it getting one or even how. Here, with this account we take a look at a number of ways to answer ‘how to get a free tablet for students and kids’.

How Can I Get a Free iPad for School?

There are actually a number of organizations out there that can help you. The first area you want to explore though is the national and local government grant schemes that offer both laptops and tablet for free to those who are disadvantaged and/or have disabilities & illnesses.

Governmental Schemes and Programs for Free Tablets

They are put in place to ensure students that wouldn’t be able to afford such learning devices & schools can’t lend one to them, get them! Since, as you know internet access is becoming increasingly integral to a child’s education (as it is in general day-to-day working and life). The best place to obviously ask about this, is at the school office your child attends, another option is the local welfare office.

Usually, though your circumstances have to be pretty dire and stressful, your family will have to be on an extremely low or next to no income to be successful in your application for a free tablet. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth applying. Just ask what you need to do, just to get across the message how much your child or children would benefit from getting a tablet. They may even implement a specialized scholarship system if your child was to hit certain grades they will get to borrow the school’s tablet on extended lease. As said, tough usually they are need based.

Charities Giving Free Apple iPad Tablets

Other Grants that Offer Free iPads for low income families is ‘Hannah’s Helping Hands Grants’, ‘iHelp for Special Needs’, Different Needz Foundation’ and ‘Babies with iPads’ along with much, much more all designated charities that will help those who have disabled kids and are economically disadvantaged. All you have to do is get in touch with them, fill out the relevant surveys they have on offer and you are put through with a phone call to discuss the details. They are there to help you, but you have got to ask.

You should also ask around at your local charities to see if they have any second hand, refurbished tablets and iPads someone have given the, They are very helpful to children who are in need in their community — and you will find that they are more receptive & have a better chance of actually getting a cost free tablet. Be sure to ring them, email them and visit them in person to get your story across.

No Luck on Getting a Free Tablet or iPad?

Last but by no means least. This is the option that I would go about taking (given that it is faster & you will kept to keep the tablet). Fundraising. Raising some money for a refurbished or used tablet. Even an iPad actually isn’t actually that expensive, you can easily find a cheap iPad under $200 on, (sometimes you can get them for even less) they just tend to be the older models. Update: just done a quick search now and found a Used iPad Gen 2 16 GB for sale at under 150 dollars.

Way less if you were to go for some of the cheaper alternatives like the Kindle HD etc. But, a $200 or more target isn’t really all that hard to achieve. Only 20 people donating $10 each. Get your child to do a sponsored run, swim, walk, cycle and host a carboot sale or bake and sell some cakes around the local town and area. It will be a lot quicker & easier than you think, especially compared to some of the other options above.

Here, are just some avenues to explore to get a free tablet for low income families and if you really are in need of one, you can just do the last option.