Free Tools and Resources for the Freelance Online English Teacher

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Teaching English online can be a rewarding experience, yet it can also be a challenging one. If you market your services well, and prove that you’re a great English teacher, you’ll build a solid clientele. In time, students will flood in, and you’ll be financially rewarded greatly.

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In my line of work, we train professionals even without a degree in education, to teach English online. After honing their skills, they resign and work at home as a freelance teacher. One of them was so good that in two years, she was able to set up her own online English teaching business. Yes, there’s a career to be had in this field.

Starting your career as a freelance teacher can be difficult. But trust me when I say that there are several tools that you can use to make things easier for you. Let me share the basics.

1. Skype

E-companies have their own video interface and own programs, but Skype will do just fine. Skype has the necessary features and functions that you need. For instance, did you know that you can record your online classes (or conversations) using Pamela for Skype.

2. WordWeb

WordWeb is a free online dictionary that gives you the meaning of words (and their synonyms or antonyms) in just one click. Unlike other free dictionaries that come in a website form, this comes in a downloadable file form that can be pinned to your taskbar.

3. Textbooks

You can choose to buy your own textbooks, or you can devise your own lessons. This may take time, but the main advantage of doing this is that the lessons are customized according to the skills of your student. This method is loosely called “teaching without a textbook.” Or if you don’t like this idea, there are some downloadable e-books that you can get for free. All you need is the right keywords and let Google search them for you.

4. Freetalking Questions

You’ll be needing a variety of questions and topics to talk about especially for free-flowing conversations, and if a student has been with you for a long time, you’ll find yourself having difficulty thinking of new and interesting questions. To help you, here’s a website with tons of questions to choose from.

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Free Tools and Resources for the Freelance Online English Teacher, Seekyt
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