Free & Useful Software for Your System-Five Selected Free Software

1. Avast Free Anti virus: One of the best free anti virus software available. I guarantee its quality since I have been using this for years. Even though I extensively browse Internet and use Pen Drives in my system, no any virus infestation has been occurred in the last four years. Earlier I have tried so many anti virus software and none of them could be as effective as Avast Free Anti virus. Some of the problems I encountered while using that earlier Anti virus Software was that my system used to get damn slow, the software caught some useful programs, or it was not effective in protecting system from virus attacks. Therefore, Avast Free Anti virus is my personal choice.

2. Cute PDF Writer: It is handy software to convert Microsoft Word files to Adobe Acrobat PDF. I have been using this for two years now and could not find anything better than this to convert Word files to PDF. One of the greatest advantages with Cute PDF Writer is its simplicity. Let us see how we can convert a Word to PDF using Cute PDF Writer.
• Download and install Cute PDF Writer.
• Open the Word file that you want to convert to PDF.
• Give print command.
• Select Cute PDF Writer in the printer selection tab.
• Adjust the settings and print the document.
You have done it.

3. C Cleaner: C Cleaner is the best free software to clean your system. It is hundred percent reliable and has the option to clean temporary files, Internet cache, registry and application data. I spent hours on line to find out effective software to clean my system from unwanted files and finally succeeded to find C Cleaner. I swear you C Cleaner can really help you to keep your system in good condition.

4. KM player: It is a good video player, which can play almost all video formats. I am using KM player along with VLC media player in my system and both of them are equally good.

5. Revo Uninstaller: It is free and effective software to install programs without any trace of it. Usually we use windows inbuilt uninstaller to uninstall programs, but the problem with that is it keeps the registry value unchanged and several parts of the programs unmoved in the system. Later it will become annoyance and make the system slow. Revo Uninstaller has an additional advantage of having a controlling option for auto-start of certain programs while start up and a registry scanner for leftover files. These two options are useful to us to improving the seeped of the system.