Free vs Free (trial)

From the earliest days of my entry onto the Great Cyber Highway, I’ve been careful to get the best protection I can.  Free.

Free is important to me, (not just because I live where my $ is less than 1c U.S) but because I change my malware protection often.

That’s a little trick you need to learn.  Never stay pat.

Firstly, the Mantra; “Tweak until Crap”.  All of us know of some application, be it a word processing, a browser, which started out great and was tweaked until it is rubbish.

Secondly, getting different algorithms, different focuses suits you.  A hacker may learn you use X protector, and hacks X protector.  But you also have Y protector, which he hasn’t developed a hack for.  When he comes back, he may be able to hack Y but you’ve changed X protector to Z protector, so he has to wheel and come again.

Thirdly, as you get from above, I always have more than one protector on my computer at one time.

This brings me to the point of the article.

This computer came with MacAfee.  Great protector. But guess what?  It expires.  And you have to Pay to continue to use it.

I looked at Panda, but its another ‘free trial’, meaning I dl and then have to move on.  I don’t know Panda, and I probably never will.

It says it is ‘Free’ but I know enough to read the fine print.  It is a ‘Free Trial’.  It is not free, it is a taste, and will no longer work after whenever.

Now I can not predict where I will be whenever.  Hence, I may not be near the computer that is protected by this ‘Free Trial’ when it goes.  And of course, if I turn on the computer, without a strong protection, I won’t have a computer.

So I didn’t waste a keystroke.

I went to AVG which I’ve used from day one, often substituting Avast, (which I’ll do in a month or so) and dl’d.  Basic Protection is free.

I also use IObit.  This is free. Sure, it bothers you every so often to go to Pro and get this Pro feature, but it doesn’t stop working.  It doesn’t ‘expire’.

There are many items available on the ‘Net which come up when you put ‘Free’ in a search box.  Many are not. Many are ‘Free Trials’.

A free trial is only useful when you plan on buying. Other than that…..nah.