Free Website Niche Ideas

Many internet users are searching for free website niche ideas so they can get started trying to make money online. There are a few different ways you can research to identify a niche market that may be right for you.

1. Free Website Niche Ideas Website: I maintain a newer site to offer examples of free website niche ideas. Free keyword phrase examples are also given for each niche. Check out the site to help you create your first niche website. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section for each article and I will be glad to identify some effective keyword phrases for your specified niche.

2. Make a Shopping List: Head to a department store and make lists of some products. After you have listed about 50 different products, head home and sit down to add specificity to the list. For instance, take one of the products and break it down into very specific topics: movies > children’s movies > children’s movies for girls. Break down all 50 products into very specific lists like the one above and you will have a great collection of interesting potential website niche ideas.

3. Break Down Your Interests: Make a list of things you are interested in and break them down just like above. The interests can encompass anything from sports to cooking to public parks in your area to farmers markets. After you have identified a number of your interests, break them down into more specific topics to find a free website niche idea.

4. Research Flippa: Flippa is a website sales site. You can log on to sell or buy websites that range in price from the tens of thousands to under a hundred. Browse the sites (many of them have verified Google analytics data stating traffic figures) for good website niche ideas. Like the two strategies above, see if any of the website topics can be broken down into more specific micro niches.

It takes time to find the right niche for you. Use these simple research methods above to get some free website niche ideas.