Freelance Writing Definition: What is a Freelance Writer?

freelance writing definition

Freelance writing is something you hear a lot about these days, but unless you’re actually in the business of writing or hiring writers, you might not realize what this is. A simple freelance writing definition is this: writing for clients on a per article or per project basis, rather than as an employee.

What exactly does this mean? A freelance writer is someone who does not work for anyone in particular. Instead of holding a job writing for one company, they write for many different clients (in most cases) and are their own boss. When companies hire a freelancer, the writer is considered to be an independent contractor. He or she is responsible for his or her own taxes and only has to submit the work agreed on, not work on an ongoing basis.

How Freelance Writing Works

There are several ways to freelance. Some people find that they end up with just one big client. This can be profitable, but you aren’t going to get any benefits. The main reason companies hire freelance writers is so they can pay on a per project basis and avoid the extra expense of insurance and other employee costs. Also, if you only have one client, you are going to be in trouble if they go away. 

Another method is to have several smaller clients. This can be tricky since you will tend to get more than one assignment at a time and sometimes you’ll have to tell one client to wait. It also means that you will tend to get fewer assignments per client and will need to look for new clients on a regular basis, which can be tiring.

Finally, you can work for websites where you are still considered a freelance writer, according to the freelance writing definition above. These sites may be referred to as content mills or article resellers. Essentially, they find the clients and put up the assignments and you select the ones you want and write them. Most have options for clients to buy directly from you, so if you can impress them with your writing, this can be a good way to go. Higher quality almost always pays more once you work your way up a bit. 

Freelance writing is not for everyone, but if you like to have more flexibility and don’t mind hunting for clients, then you’ll find this a very rewarding career choice.