French Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Looking for the perfect puppy for your family? There are many reasons why your kids may be safe with a French Mastiff around. Aside from being ancient fighting dogs, making them ideal watchmen of the homestead and its inhabitants, they can be very affectionate pets.

Healthy French Mastiff puppies for sale are a joy to watch, being excellent with children and able to bond with their masters. The French Mastiff’s sweet & calm nature belies its large, stocky build. With its big wrinkled head, it’s not everyone’s kind of pup, but there’s actually more to the French Mastiff than meets the eye.

Being gentle with kids is just one of them. It also exhibits remarkable agility and will acquiesce to pulling weights. Early socialization with other creatures and pets at a young age certainly counts among its advantages. It is incredibly friendly, you cannot go wrong there.

If you want robust, no-nonsense pups descending from a bloodline of animals engaged in gladiator sports, French Mastiff puppies for sale are among the most suitable the pets for you. Young children do great with it, and it is full of patience.

It’s important to lay down the rules firmly when training the Mastiff. Show the canine who’s the leader and you’ll have an obedient, manageable dog that can really be devoted to its master.

A French Mastiff can expand to a weight equivalent to an adult man – or about 120 to 145 pounds, while it may shoot up to a height of about 23 inches or more. Expect your French Mastiff puppies to provide companionship for at least a decade. Some live for about 12 years.

Care for your four-legged family member and bathe every two weeks, swab the ears two times a month,. trim the nails, and enjoy great canine company. French Mastiff Puppies for sale are pretty common, you can find them near most major cities. If you happen to have any that you want to sell, please list them below in the comments section.