Frequently Asked Questions on Print Budgeting

If you are a regular postcard printing customer, you have probably already developed good commercial printing habits on print scheduling and budgeting. If not, you are definitely alone since one of the biggest dilemmas people are faced with when it comes to commercial printing is how to properly allocate a budget for each and every expense that they will incur for their printing project. Postcard printing does not end with a good postcard template, after all, and a big part of the success of a commercially printed publicity material lies in the business owner’s ability to control his finances. Here are a few frequently asked questions on commercial print budgeting that you have probably thought of at one time or another.

How do I know which extra services to pay for and which services to forgo? This one really depends on what exactly you need for your commercial printing purposes and if you do not have a good idea of what you need and want, you will most definitely have a hard time answering this question. There are several ways to determine whether paying for a certain service—say, full bleed printing or higher quality cards—is a good path for you to take, and the simplest one will be to weigh the pros and cons of your choices. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, go for it; if not, do not consider it as a viable option anymore. If you find that the advantages and disadvantages are pretty much equally significant, you are not trying hard enough with your cost-benefit analysis and should repeat until you get to a decision.

Do I go for cheap or for quality? Who said that you cannot get both? Just because a commercial printing company offers good deals on photo postcards, full color postcards, and other types of custom postcards does not mean that they do not offer high quality postcards. On the other hand, expensive commercial printing services do not guarantee you a full satisfaction with your prints all of the time. If you are going to look for something in a commercial printer, it would have to be cost-effectiveness, because then you will know that your money is being put to full, effective use.

How much should I allocate for my printing budget? Again, this depends on exactly what you need, coupled with how much money you are willing to spend. The best thing to commercial printing is that you do not have to pay more than what you want, as long as you understand the tradeoffs involved. There are no limits to how much you should set aside for your printing budget; as long as you need something and are willing to pay to get it, there is no reason not to.

Take note that budget is not the only consideration when it comes to postcard printing and that you have to take into account turnaround time, guarantees, and many other factors. But for your postcard template budgeting needs, the above questions will do just fine in getting you through your commercial printing project.