Friendship & Peace

What is life about, but to help a friend along the way,

“faith without works is dead,” what the Bible does say.


Life is to short to be self-centered, to think of others,

should be our life’s journey, we are all sisters and brothers.


Friends is one of God’s most precious gifts, I think,

without friends, this whole world a the brink!


If only the world, every nation, every race..friendship, war planes, battleships, or bombs to rip.


Give, not take..Bible also says, “better to give, than to  receive,”

love..not war, kindness not harshness…’fight’..better to leave!


I know…the Bible says, “last days..wars and rumors of wars,”

I believe the Bible always, but surely find a few peaceful doors.


To say a kind word, to give a smile, that don’t hurt,

to share salvation, and the alert.


A happy life is one shared, to be selfish is unwise,

our home is not here anyway, but yonder in the skies.


So many lives destroyed, by revenge, violence, and hate,

all unnecessary, if only peace and friendship to all relate.


Usually the innocent ones hurt..babies, children, the kind,

what’s wrong with friendship and peace, the mind.


Goodness, love, kindness, peace.. virtues from God’s Word,

if we follow these and live by them, we’ll be happy as a bird!


Friendship not hard…just be friendly..just a a friend,

one easy to learn, your will, but friendly to all, signal I wish to send!!

Friendship & Peace