“Friendzone” is not always bad

“Friendzone” is not always bad, Seekyt

The term “friendzone” nowadays has become a big deal to most people in this era. Especially those teenage students and kids, the effects of this “friendzone” has been affecting them greatly to the point where even social medias starts to create icons or emoji for entertainment. For some of you that doesn’t know what this term means, it simply describes a person falling or having in love with someone but unfortunately both of them are close to the point where one of them treats the other person like their own brothers or sisters! Being “friendzone” by the people you like or crush with hurts you a lot! It seems like the world that you want to create with that person doesn’t exist anymore and feels like you wouldn’t be able to “connect” with her/him.

Now, being “friendzone” is not all bad. Actually, it is the FIRST step to get to know that person even better even though you have known him/her for years! But there’s still a point where you don’t really know them. Knowing them better could give you more opportunity in getting the person you like the most. Besides, it is common sense to be friends with that someone before you get to “propose” to that person. We could always treat this “friendzone” as a first step in getting closer with the person and you wouldn’t straight put your whole feelings into it. Certain people would straight put his/her feelings into someone who doesn’t even know them well. Living in reality and living in the movie world is completely different! Most fall-in-love-in-first-sight in movies are meant merely for our entertainment and not for the use in the REAL world. We couldn’t just straight to get something or someone who we want. Sometimes, life just don’t go the way you wanted it to go.

Furthermore, being in “friendzone” you actually lose nothing compare to what you’ll gain! Benefits gain are:

  1. You get to be closer with that someone
  2. He/she would appreciate and support you too in the future or even better, for a lifetime!
  3. She/he would share secrets and everything with you
  4. Even if things don’t go well between you two, it is easier to forgive one another after knowing them for a long time
  5. We humans love being with people who knows us better, so that gives you a chance to be with them than a completely random person
  6. It would improve your confidence and knowledge about being with someone you like

If by the end of the day, you are meant to end up in “friendzone” with that person, you shouldn’t feel disappointed and sad, instead, thank the person for putting you in that zone because there’s better and special person that you could get compare to them! Also you had experience and feel what it is like in that “process” and could make a more rational decision in the future! “

“Friendzone” is not always bad, Seekyt