Frog Baby Bedding Sets

It is not easy being green or so the saying goes. However for some, green is the best way to go when it comes to a nursery theme. Great frog baby bedding sets are popping up on shelves everywhere.

Expecting parents love these crib sets for the fact that they can be very gender neutral and include some adorable frogs in the mix.

If this is a nursery theme that you are thinking for when it comes to your little one’s room, you are in luck. We have three of the most adorable frog bedding that has been created featured here. You can also find some amazing deals on these sets as well.

Soho Froggies Party

SoHo Froggies Party Baby Bedding Collection

What could be cuter then frogs sitting in the middle of a pond? Why having them on an adorable comforter for your child. This theme is a wash of light blue waters with green lily pads frogs sprinkled through out. The entire color combination is also joined by a trim of brown and pops of yellow that make it an easy set to find accessories to match.

The Froggies Party set has 13 pieces in it. This makes it a great cost effective way to get what you need to decorate the nursery. The 13 pieces include the comforter, bumper pads, crib sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, two valances, toy bag, pillow, matching hat and bib, and a three piece diaper bag set.

Pollywog Pond Baby Bedding

Pollywog Pond Crib Set

The Pollywog Pond crib bedding is a much more vibrant take on the greens and browns that so often are a part of the frog nursery theme. This set is created by DK Leigh. Customers says that they love how high quality the items in this 10 piece set.

The best part about this set is how well it holds up to being washed. You know that babies are messy. So it is important to be able to clean the bedding without the colors fading over time. This set is perfect for that.

Nojo Froggy Friends Crib Bedding

Nojo Froggy Friends 4 Piece Baby Bedding

Many expecting parents do not want a lot of perfectly matching accessories for their little one. They prefer to find color coordinating items on their own. This 4 piece crib set is perfect for that.

It comes with just the items that you need to make the crib and the rest of the nursery decor is left up to your imagination.