When frozen food was introduced some people wondered whether this way of preserving food might not be detrimental. There are indeed people who do not feel well after eating frozen fruit or vegetables. Checking into the reason, we find that these same people are also allergic to fresh vegetables. Their form of sensitivity is known as an “idiosyncrasy.” It is a pity that for this reason one has to abstain from eating frozen vegetables and fruit, because these really contain more vital substances than those preserved in tins and bottles or in jars. The flavors, which are usually bound to the vital substances, are better preserved by freezing. You can expect a better taste than when other methods of preserving are employed. Nothing detrimental to health has ever been found.

Deep-freezing is most practical for seafood. As soon as the fish are caught they should be transported immediately in refrigerated trucks. This reduces the risk of fish poisoning, which used to be a problem years ago when the fish were transported covered only with ice. In this connection I cannot help thinking again about the markets in southern countries or in tropical lands. In the intense heat I was often repulsed by an awful stench coming from still to be sold fish and meat completely covered with flies. Of course it was not unexpected that the buyers might be poisoned. Before the deep-freeze method was introduced, the danger of food poisoning was ever present also here in Europe. Keeping perishable food in the refrigerator is not enough to prevent it from spoiling — proved by a sad experience I once had on the proud Italian ship “Andrea Dorian.” Since I did not fancy any meat at one meal, the chef offered to prepare some fish for me that he had in the refrigerator. The result was a severe case of poisoning, which convinced me that the fish had been kept too long. Had it been possible to keep it in a freezer, the danger of poisoning ‘would have been avoided? So there is much to be said for this method. The same principle applies to preserving meat. If we today had to do without deep- freezing, the problem of supplying food would be hard to solve. And the transport system would riot be able to do justice to the demands for supplying fresh meat.

Technical developments can therefore prove to be very useful, although eating fresh food is still the best for us. But as regards preserving surplus crops, there is no doubt that freezing them is the best method in every way. We should see to it, though, that what we already have is used up first before starting on the new harvest.

There is one problem connected with deep-freezing and that is. the type of packaging. Plastic bags are not suitable, because they tend to transmit harmful substance in accordance with what is put in them. This does the frozen food no good. Containers should be free from plasticizers, since fruit. iced and lactic acid ‘will dissolve