Frugal Travelling

We all have to travel for one or the other reason. Some of us travel simply because we love and enjoy travelling, while others have more serious reasons. Travelling can be really very expensive for all of us; it may include food cost, hotel bill, transport expense etc. There are many people who love to visit their family and friends in the summer vacations, but how to bear the expense? Well there is solution to every problem in this world. Even if you do not earn much and have a simple living, still you can enjoy traveling.
Here in this article I am sharing some very good and frugal ways of travelling. So, now you can travel without worrying about the expense. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce your travel bill and enjoy the travel too.

As I have discussed earlier, there are mainly three expenses that you have to bear while travelling. At first it is your food, then your transport and lastly bill for the place where you are residing at night. So now let’s see how you can reduce your food expense? Well there are a number of methods to reduce your food bill, you can either prepare food at home, or you can visit a supermarket near your home to buy a few packets of cooked food. This will cost you far less then eating out at a hotel or restaurant. If you think your food is coming to an end, then you can also eat out at a restaurant, this way you would be able to save money as well as enjoy having meal out.

The second expense that you would have to bear is the travel itself, for the transport it’s best to drive your own vehicle. It would cost you much less. However, if you are travelling alone, then I suggest that you better look out for the travel companies to assist you. Travelling on a bus would cost you less, then driving your vehicle just for a single person to the destination. There are many companies out there to help you, you can always visit a few and make comparison regarding their charges.

Let’s move on to the third expense that you have to bear, it is the cost of staying at a hotel room. Well you don’t have to worry about it too, you can have you tent under the open sky and enjoy having rest in fresh air. I am sure thins would be your first experience, try it. You would not only save a lot of money but also enjoy sleeping in the open air.

These were a few areas on which you spend most of your money while travelling. If you want to travel, adopt a frugal way of travelling, you would definitely enjoy it and save money too.For more information click HERE